Zhang Meng responds to Zhang Meng

Recently, Zhang Meng has attracted great attention for her role in the hit show “settle down”, and she also went to a website to interact with netizens on March 17. In response to a netizen’s question “whether there is plastic surgery”, she replied “I am cute, not lemon.” Many netizens think that this is the suspected connotation of Zhang Meng, another actress.
Later, Zhang Meng himself saw the controversy. He tweeted directly to Aite Zhang Meng, saying that he hadn’t filmed for two years. He had been far away from the entertainment circle for a long time, and didn’t know where to offend her. Zhang Meng confesses that it’s not the first time to lie down with a gun. He hopes to add a contact information with her and communicate privately.
Zhang Meng is known to the audience for her role in “three thousand gold in summer family”, “moon knife in the end of the earth” and other plays. She was once a promising actress, but later she fell into the negative news of plastic surgery repeatedly, and her image plummeted. She has not appeared on the screen for a long time.
However, for Zhang Meng’s suspected connotation of Zhang Meng’s plastic surgery, many netizens said that Zhang Meng’s EQ was too low, a little too much, and Zhang Meng was just. Of course, more netizens stand at the angle of eating melon, and it’s wonderful to see the actress come off the stage in person.