One belt, one road, saves lives.

“One belt, one road” press cooperation alliance Secretariat issued a joint epidemic prevention line in Beijing on 25 May for global members. “One belt, one road, stand together through storm and stress”, the member of the alliance is actively playing the role of the media. It continues to report accurate and reliable information on epidemic prevention, convey information of solidarity and support to the public, uphold media responsibilities and human morality, and promote the “one belt and one road” building a country in the battle of the whole human race with the virus, sharing the same boat, working together and fighting together to win the final victory.
One belt, one road, is issued in the six language versions of the Chinese, British, French, western, Arab and Russian languages, and is issued in the English version of the alliance mobile terminal platform. According to the open letter, no country can be alone in the face of the epidemic. This battle proves once again that the fate of all countries in the world is linked and shared, and that human society is a community of shared destiny. The cooperation of “one belt, one road” emphasizes peace, cooperation, openness, tolerance, mutual learning and mutual benefit, and win-win. Both have long-term future and realistic urgency.
Since China novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak one belt, one road, one belt, one road news cooperation alliance governing unit, member unit and the media participating in the short term visiting class of “one belt and one road” news cooperation Union has paid great attention to it. In the report, they have actively evaluated the effective and effective measures taken by China to prevent and control the epidemic, and called for opposing all kinds of false statements to promote international cooperation in the prevention and control of epidemic.
The open letter hopes that the members of the alliance will continue to report accurate and reliable anti epidemic information, jointly crack down on rumors and false information, truly and rationally reflect the change of epidemic situation and the process of anti epidemic, provide objective and fair public opinion help for anti epidemic of all countries, and guide people of all countries to unite, help each other and respond scientifically.
Members of the open letter initiative alliance pay close attention to and report on the stories of countries around the world supporting each other and delivering warm news and positive energy to fight the epidemic together.
The open letter calls on alliance members to “safeguard the right to life, shoulder the responsibility of prevention and control, respect dedication and sacrifice, and pass on the values of people first and life first”.
The “one belt, one road” news cooperation Union held its first executive meeting in April 23, 2019 in people’s daily. At present, 205 media from 98 countries have become full members. The people’s daily is the chairman unit of the alliance.