Zhong Nanshan talks about his wife

On April 15, in an exclusive interview on epidemic prevention and control in Guangzhou, academician Zhong Nanshan introduced China’s epidemic prevention and control measures and experience to the foreign people present in English. Among them, when academician Zhong Nanshan mentioned his wife Li Shaofen, he couldn’t help but turn up his mouth, and the happiness that he couldn’t disguise made netizens shout: “so sweet”.
In this interview, there were many foreign people from Africa. When talking about Africa, academician Zhong Nanshan first looked down at the paper in his hand and said, “I haven’t been to Africa before.”.
Later, academician Zhong Nanshan raised his head and showed a lovely and shy smile, which made the audience smile. Academician Zhong Nanshan said: “but my wife has been there. She has visited many places. 50 years ago, she went as a Chinese women’s basketball player. She said Africa is a beautiful place, but sometimes it’s very hot. “
Then, academician Zhong Nanshan said, “if I go to Africa, I will discuss the issue of epidemic prevention and control with the local government.” What’s different from what just happened is that when academician Zhong Nanshan talked back to himself, he became serious.
After the action was noticed by netizens, they left messages saying: “this bowl of dog food is really delicious.” Academician Zhong Nanshan also received the full blessing of netizens: “hand in hand for a lifetime, accompany to the old.”
During the four-month epidemic prevention and control, academician Zhong Nanshan, 84, returned to the “battlefield”, and his words and deeds also attracted much attention.
Born in a medical family, Zhong Nanshan is not only good at academic knowledge, but also outstanding in sports. In college, Zhong Nanshan set a record for the Beijing Medical University sports meeting. Later, he was selected to participate in the first national games, breaking the national record of 400m hurdles.
Therefore, it’s no surprise that Zhong Nanshan married Li Shaofen, the first Chinese women’s basketball team player. After marriage, the two gave birth to one son and one daughter. The family also loved sports very much.
His son inherited Zhong Nanshan’s medical talent and became a doctor, but at the same time, he was also the main basketball team of the hospital, and his daughter became a swimmer. Such an excellent family is really in love.