Phone emptied

At about 10:00 p.m. on April 21, two reporters who interviewed four boys in Yuanyang about the burial received the returned mobile phone, but the mobile phone was swiped and all the contents were emptied. In response to the original Yang official claim that it was a reporter who was beaten by his family members, several reporters denied it.
That night, Zhang Guowei, Secretary of Xinxiang Municipal Party committee of Henan Province, responded to the upstream news reporter about the news reporter being beaten and robbed of his mobile phone in Yuanyang County, apologizing to the reporter, “we must thoroughly investigate, in case someone violates the law, we will act according to the law.”
▲ at about 10:00 p.m. on April 21, the upstream journalists received the robbed mobile phone, but the content of the mobile phone was cleared by the brush. Picture source / video screenshot
Mobile phone is swiped, content is empty
At 10 o’clock that night, the upstream news reporter received the robbed mobile phone from Bian, deputy director of the Publicity Department of Yuanyang County Party committee, but the mobile phone was brushed. “The mobile phone was sent in this leather bag, and there was nothing in the mobile phone when it was turned on. I don’t know who brushed it, and there was nothing in the mobile phone.”
Red Star News reporter said that when the mobile phone was sent back, it was turned off and found that it was in the state of being swiped. After opening, you need to enter the account to open. After opening, there is nothing in it, “even the address book.”. The reporter tried to restore the function, only part of the content was restored.
Two reporters said that there was a video of the scene being hit that afternoon in the mobile phone, and now there is no content in the mobile phone.
▲ in the afternoon of April 21, at a cemetery intersection in Yuanyang County, Henan Province, the reporter was beaten and torn by several unidentified personnel during the interview. Photographer / upstream journalist Jia Chen
Deputy Minister of publicity “three unclear”
The reporter asked vice minister Bian who gave them the stolen cell phones. The person in charge said he didn’t know them.
Who are the people who beat the reporters? unclear. Why stop the reporters? unclear. Why do you brush your mobile phone? It’s not clear.
So what will happen next? Vice Minister Bian said an investigation would be launched, but they were silent about how.
This time, besides the mobile phones robbed by reporters, is there anything else.
Vice Minister Bian said, “apologize.”.
“They came here just to apologize to us, but they didn’t say anything because of something,” the reporter said.
▲ at about 3:00 p.m. on April 21, the local people who appeared at the scene where the reporters were beaten in Yuanyang County said that they had not seen them before. Puzzle source / video screenshot
The reporter denied being beaten by the family of the dead
Bian, Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department of Yuanyang County Party committee, said in an interview that some family members of the deceased did not agree with the reporter’s interview and there was a conflict with the reporter. At that time, there were two village cadres present, and their families were excited. These people could not control the scene.
When the reporter asked Bian about it, he said that he heard from the party secretary of the original Xingjie district office that it was a reporter from his family.
A number of journalists have denied this. Less than half an hour before the incident, the reporter had a good communication with the family members, who agreed to follow the reporter to the burial site. The family members said that they were grateful for the media’s report, “but there are some words (we) that can’t be said indiscriminately”, and agreed that the reporter should follow the family members to the cemetery.
The reporter said that according to the comparison between the families interviewed in recent days and the people in conflict at the scene of the incident, no one in conflict had been seen.