Live broadcast by Yang Mi and Li Jiaqi

The live broadcast industry is becoming more and more popular, and many star artists have joined the live broadcast industry to help the network bring goods. Since April, Deng Lun, Jing Bolin, Zhang jianni and other star artists have all sat in the live broadcast room of Li Jiaqi, and Li Jiaqi has become the envy of netizens.
On April 28, Yang Mi, the “Queen with goods”, also landed in the live broadcast room. Even if the epidemic stopped at home, Yang Mi’s body was still the same thin. Some time ago, Yang Mi also shared the dynamic of home exercise. Today, it appears that the exercise effect is very obvious!
Yang Mi arrived at Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room as promised. Yang Mi, who hadn’t appeared publicly for a long time, surprised everyone. Yang Mi wore a paint wrapped hip skirt suit, her hair was still fluffy and curly, and her feet were full of holes and shoes, which gave a fresh feeling of maturity.
Yang Mi measured the ankle circumference in the live broadcast, only 17.2cm. It’s too thin, isn’t it? Human leg essence. Because of her slender body and charming long legs, Yang Mi has been a goddess beauty of many netizens, although she has been divorced after 30 years old.
Later, Yang Mi and Li Jiaqi also measured the wrist circumference. Li Jiaqi was 15.5cm, and Yang Mi was only 13cm (power elder sister: No, it was 6.5cm). Yang Mi has always presented to the audience are slim body with a little plump image, I did not expect that the skeleton is so small, I really admire the star’s perseverance in controlling the body! Netizens all call it too thin.
In the live broadcast room, Yang Mi also started the “tongue” mode of accepting people. After a live broadcast, Yang Mi never stopped. He started the mode of accepting people and self congratulating. He directly accepted Li Jiaqi’s silence. At last, the effect of the live broadcast was not good. Li Jiaqi suspected that he was still crying. He wiped his tears nearby, but Yang Mi did not forget to mend his knife. The scene was once very embarrassing.
Netizens have also called Yang Mi over, and think Yang Mi has been very embarrassed. Do you like Yang Mi’s character?