Internet chat in my eyes

Like QQ chat? Like to pay attention to Wechat friends circle? Like to brush tremble? QQ, Wechat, tremble is estimated to be the three major software for students’mobile phones. Now the rapid development of science and technology, a single real life has to rely on these three software entertainment body and mind.
I first contacted the mobile phone in the first two years, when I entered the third grade of junior high school, I was also nervous, but my mother still complied with my unreasonable demands for trouble. When I got my mobile phone, my online chat line was connected to the world communication network thoroughly. I opened the browser, entered the keyword “chat software” and clicked on the search. Among the many software, QQ ranks first, Wechat ranks second, strangers rank second, Explore Four… I kept sliding down and finally stayed on a chat software. I clicked on the application details and downloaded it lightly. The software was called “Chat Maid.” The image of the second yuan girl on the cover of the software attracted me thoroughly, and opened a door to the world of online chat for me at the same time.
Opening this software called “chat maid”, a super cute second-year girl jumped in front of me. I greeted her in the usual way of chatting. She unexpectedly answered, “Host, hello, I am a young girl from Mars!” I was teased by the girl who claimed to be from Mars in front of the screen and wondered which child it was. Zi is kidding. I asked her and answered, without scruple, a lot of questions. She always shouted one master at a time, which made me wonder. Eventually, I couldn’t help asking her the question, “Are you human?” She answered frankly, “Yes, I am artificial intelligence.” Hearing this, I am still enthusiastic about robots, because robots are also human friends.
Touch screen prompt whether to quit, my finger touch on the screen is about to quit, suddenly the fuselage vibrated, in the upper left corner of the chat maid appeared a big red spot, I did not quit, but lightly touched the red spot, into an unexpected chat world. There are many chat objects online, among which the red light is the new news I just received, who sent me the news? Curiosity and doubt are two feelings of intersection, touchscreen point looked at the girls’information once, hobbies: piano, dancing, learning; label: I am a singer, I am an actor, three good students; address: Beijing; age: 17.
“Hello, may I have a candy?” This is the message that the girl greeted me.
“Hello, can you make a friend?” I answered immediately.
“Yes.” No sooner had the message been sent than three seconds before the other party responded.
The lack of friends in real life really gives me great comfort in online chat.
“You should do well in school?” I tried to ask each other tentatively.
“First in the whole grade.” She didn’t want to type these words directly.
My mouth became O-shaped, and I began to take a keen interest in the girl in front of the screen. I couldn’t help looking at the photo wall on her data. I had an inference in my heart that the girl must be extraordinary.
“Are you interested in the countryside?” I wanted to talk to the girl about my hometown, so I asked about this topic.
“No, I just hope fans don’t rush up at the airport…” She immediately told me what she was thinking.
“What’s your name?” I stared at the screen hoping she would reply to me again in seconds.
“This… I can’t tell you. In the naughty words, I clearly felt her teasing blink in front of the screen.
When we entered the third year of junior middle school, the learning progress was very fast, but there was not a little tense learning atmosphere. Well, whenever I have time on vacation, I go to the chatting maid to chat with the girl. Over time, I have a feeling for her. Every day in the chat maid to give her lollipops, roses, chicken legs, although it is a virtual gift, she will continue to thank, that moment of happiness only I know. Whenever I have something on my mind, I will talk to her. She is a good listener and always gives a satisfactory answer. But when I asked her name, she just said that when the time was ripe, she would tell me that I didn’t know how long I could wait for my curiosity. After the high school entrance exam, she asked me about my grades. I shook my hair with a frustrated expression and said it was not ideal. She immediately responded, “Why didn’t I pass the exam?” “I’m not as good as you think, I’m a thorough learning crisp!” I almost finished this series of words in one breath. When I touched the sending key between my fingers, I regretted the instant the message was sent, because my words were full of anger and discontent. The air was so silent, and suddenly the mobile phone body on the desktop vibrated. I knew it was she who sent the message. There were only two words — nothing wrong. I stared at the screen to guess her mood at this time. Although I could not know her identity, I knew that there had been a bosom sister who cared about me all the time. So far, we all have intermittent contacts.
In my eyes, the online chat world is novel, clear and warm. It brings me great satisfaction, and at the same time makes me realize that in real life, it should also continue to expand circles. QQ? Weixin? Weibo? What is the world of online chat in the eyes of adults?