A friend is a knife, standing behind you, can stab you, stand in front of you, can protect you.
Friends are a book, after reading it, you can understand the secular warmth, clouds and sunshine round and short; if you can not finish reading it, you will experience all the pain and cold in your life, and the sorrow of the world. A friend or a painter can paint a dove of peace for your life, or graffiti in the smile of Mona Lisa. Friends may be a kind of two-sided passers-by, mastered well, can help you, mastered poorly, can destroy you, but eventually they will all become passers-by, leaving behind only the deep feeling of “Peach Blossom Lake is thousands of feet deep, less than Wang Lun gave me feelings”, or “Draw a knife to break the water more flowing, raise a glass to dispel the sorrow more sad” full of damage, depending on him, depending on you.
If you treat people sincerely, others will treat you sincerely. Sincerity is rare and valuable. There are no permanent enemies or friends in the world. Sincerity can change enemies into effective assistants, and suspicion can also lose friends. When you are jealous of your friends, you should consider the time you spent together, the hugs, comforts and tears he gave. Aren’t these the best symbols of friendship? Time is a double-edged sword, which can cut hard feelings and make up for deep wounds. The things in your hands should be well grasped, while the others are uncertain. The things in your hands can naturally smooth many things. Many things, many people, grasp friends, but also life.
The Ghostface has reached a commanding point in camouflage, because you can’t guess his joy, his sorrow and his purpose at all. Such a friend is a good teacher and friend in his youth, a time bomb in his middle age, and a sharp edge in his later years. The only expression of dishonesty is disguise, which is good or bad. When you were a teenager, you couldn’t see through him because he had nothing hidden in his heart. Even if you were in his heart, he couldn’t open his mouth. But he could do what he could when you needed help most. He often kept silent and smiled, but stood behind you silently, his heart was still pure and sincere. When he was middle-aged, he could not see through him, distorted by a series of things such as fame, wealth and status. They have been around you all the time, they know you very well, and you know them like a piece of white paper clean, they can laugh at you, they can cry for you to block guns, treat them, need to be prepared, also need to be sincere, but the consequences are good or bad, with preparedness, not too bad to lose; in old age, meet people who can not see through the ghost face, often with you. They are lonely walkers and sad parasites. They will often get the last knife when you are in the most dangerous situation. It may be a pity to you, or a relief. For him, it is an extraordinary relief.
Some friends are indisputable facts, you have been together for a long time, you know them very well, they also know you very well, but the personality is very different from the essence.
They are lonely, but they often have a lot of creative ideas in their minds, which can give sincere opinions during your entrepreneurial journey; they are lonely, but they often need a love to ignite withered life, in exchange for the most sincere friendship; they are very smart, but they are often fierce-hearted, in order to fame, wealth and status, or even hurt forever. They hurt you; they are very dull, but they are often sincere, their sincerity can melt the complaints in the hearts of everyone around them; they are very impatient, but they tend to be very dedicated to your things, organized and very clear; they are very careful, not slow to deal with things, but they tend to let your pigeons, do not give the right answer in time, because they are right. They have no concept of time; they are very free, but no matter where they are, they are thinking about what you are doing, what difficulties they encounter, whether the difficulties are solved or not, they will send dozens of e-mails to greet each other at a time. The time interval is very long, but the same concern is so sudden; they are very blocked, as if only you exist in their hearts, but they are often very changeable. … In fact, the surface of the friends seems very transparent, they still need to be carefully observed behind, after all, you are not the people in their hearts, they will not follow your wishes to change, you are two different organisms, with different souls.
Understanding is the minimum respect of a friend. If understanding can’t be achieved, this friendship can only be slowly broken. Understanding is the regulator between two people, it has a warm spring breeze, cool ice, moist aloe vera, warm embrace.
Every time you quarrel, understanding will quietly climb to the heart, slowly melting in the heart. At a certain time, you said that sorry at the same time, and then two people stared at each other in surprise. You were so stubborn, but you said the words that were impossible to say for each other. This may be the power of friendship. Two eyes changed from surprise to softness, and then from softness to wetness. Gradually, they held each other tightly, wept for their current stature, and wept bitterly for each other to put down their stature.
If you are a traveler wandering in a foreign country, friends are travelers with your colleagues, but you will all face a problem – home; if you are a boatman rowing on the river, friends are returnees, but you will face a problem – the other side. If you are a thorn bird in the rain, a friend is a bird with you, but you face a serious problem – singing or death. Friends are all around you, within reach but beyond reach. It’s too hard to wait for them. At some point in time and place you will face a difficult question, how to answer, only your heart knows.
Friends, heart to heart is a bosom friend, heart to heart is a companion, heart to heart is a friend, heart to heart is wrong, heart to heart is an old enemy…