Mother’s bookcase

Bookcases are a kind of furniture, and they are also common tools in people’s lives. There are some value components that can be placed, usually vertical or horizontal, to store books. There is a bookcase in my mother’s room. This bookcase looks a bit old and wooden. It is a bookcase that is truly well-made. The eight corners are wrapped with iron, even though it has been a lot of glory. As time goes by, you stayed in the long river of history, but like a respected old man, this bookcase is still in my mother’s room.

When I have memories, my mother has no exceptions every day. She will use a piece of cloth to wipe the dust on the bookcase. When I was not happy, I asked my mother, “Mom, this stuff is so broken. Still rubbing it?” My mother didn’t answer me right away, but looked at the half-old bookcase, and stayed in bed, and fell into memories of the past. After thinking for a while, my mother said: “At that time, How hard is this box to come, what do you know about your child’s family? This half-old bookcase, but my full memories!”

Later, my father told me that this bookcase was used by my mother before I was in junior high school. At that time, the economy was still underdeveloped. It would be nice to have one or two books for people who go to school. It is not easy to have a stack of books that are one foot high, let alone have a bookcase. But my mother urgently wanted a bookcase, because the grandfather worked in the town government at that time, and the economy was good. Therefore, my mother became the lucky one with a stack of books that was one foot high. This time, my grandfather, mother thought. If you want to buy a bookcase, you don’t agree with the idea. “I have made it difficult for you to buy so many books. The bookcase will not be used!”, the well-behaved mother also knows the family situation at the time, but it is not so good. I want to buy a bookcase, but how much does my mother want a bookcase? This avatar is deeply rooted in my mind. I can’t forget it for a long time. This thought has been extended to my mother’s dream. Going—-Mother is constantly dreaming of a bookcase.

By chance, the goddess of fortune came to her mother. My mother needs to pass a factory every day when she goes to school. One day she just left school and found her classmates working in the factory. She felt very strange. She went in and asked: “What are you doing? Why not go home to do homework? “” We come here for an hour or two after school every day, earning a little money.” After listening to the mother, she was very happy and said, “Then I will do it after school.” Yes, yes. She wants to make money by herself to buy a bookcase. Since then, my mother will come here after school every day and do an hour or two of work. Of course, she knows that she can’t influence her study. Therefore, she only worked for one month, because she will soon have a final exam. But in a month’s time, she made a total of 50 yuan. At that time, a bookcase only cost 10 yuan. The rest of the money was given to the grandmother to subsidize the family. After buying this bookcase, my mother’s bookcase became the mother’s baby—-this bookcase is placed on the mother’s desk. Every night, my mother finishes homework in front of the bookcase. Sometimes, the grandmother does not need her mother to help. Housework, my mother will take out the books from the bookcase, and then read the first half hour. It can be said that my mother’s study life has a lot of time related to the bookcase.

This is why my mother has always regarded this bookcase as a baby.

Now that I grew up, I know that the bookcase records too many memories of my mother, so my mother will treat him like a friend, which is the same as the diary I treat me—I keep writing The good habit of the diary, the diary was bought by me for 5 yuan, which recorded a lot of my secrets, so every time I read the diary, before I write the diary, I always wash my hands first, then wipe the hands clean. Carefully flipping through is like completing a solemn ceremony; the kind of emotion that mom has for the bookcase is my feeling for not being a diary?