Hangzhou Travel Notes

In mid-September, my mom suddenly wondered if no one was going to play with you this year. I will go to Hangzhou with you! Because this is the first time for a family trip, I started to check the ticket of the scenic spot with great enthusiasm. Dad patted his chest and said that I have been in Hangzhou for so long. Believe me, I will always get it. You just have to come! So I really have to be a shopkeeper! It is reasonable to say that he has many unreliable experiences. I should learn from experience and no longer believe in him, but I still believe this time! As for where is the pit, I will slowly re-list later! Fortunately, the ticket for departure is three days in advance. Well, I didn’t listen to his departure and buy again. The people who lined up to buy tickets in front of me all returned empty-handed. I was surprised to see that I got the ticket. It felt very cool and a little perverted.

The high-speed block of the eleventh is not adult. The mother has been in a mess because of motion sickness. It has been scattered in the parking area of ​​Jiaxing, and the people in the car have waited for a long time. I want to say sorry! Let’s say more than seven o’clock. The car arrived at Hangzhou Station at nearly 12 o’clock. Dad took a whole bag of various drinks and waited for a few hours at the station. When I saw it, I asked if I would drink it. I didn’t control it and drunk too much. When I went to the bathroom, I wanted to cry. Every public toilet was arranged in nine bends and eighteen bends, and it was wasted for more than half an hour. After that, I went to the Hanting Hotel where my father had booked in advance to put luggage. Here’s the background, huh, huh. When I walked out of the rent, I saw a small facade that wrote about the accommodation, and then walked into the room, only about five square meters, and the 200-room one in the mouth of the Hanting of Hanting was almost unscheduled, my eyes were really wet. It is. Didn’t you book it before a week?! Not to say Hanting?!

When I finally reached the snow in the West Lake Scenic Area, it was already one and a half in the afternoon. We started the journey of the crowded West Lake. As a typical fat man, the only hobby is of course eating! But the grandmother’s house number is too difficult, so I found a special dish at the West Lake, ordered the legendary West Lake vinegar fish, and fish head fans or something. In the evening, I ordered the dried vegetables. How to say it, our family agrees that the dishes in Hangzhou should be sweet and not sweet, salty and salty, fresh and not delicious. So the next day, we gave up trying to make special dishes, and we went to eat a cheaper and more shop with “one place” and “nine bowls”.

After the meal, we went to Leifeng Pagoda. The night view of Leifeng Pagoda was quite beautiful. Because it was reconstructed after the fall, the modernization was more serious. I personally felt that it was necessary to paint a commemorative meaning to climb, otherwise it would not be necessary. Our team was less than an hour old and played for ten minutes. The top of the tower overlooks the panoramic view of the West Lake. Lei Feng Xizhao! When Leifeng Tower came out, we lost our way. We couldn’t get it, and we couldn’t squeeze the bus. Finally, Dad commanded us to go to the bus to the zoo and said that we also went to our residence. As a result, huh, we sat in the music fountain of West Lake! My dad laughed and said, I know how to go back here, go, we will mistakenly go to see the music fountain, this is wonderful! This musical fountain is still very beautiful, co-author Music, fountains are like dancers dancing. With the ups and downs of the music, the lights underneath are colorful on the fountains. The beauty is beautiful, and the whole square is “rainy”, very cool!

Although there are all kinds of episodes on the road, it is fun and helpless, and it is an unforgettable trip.