My favorite season

There are different beautiful sceneries throughout the year. I like all kinds of seasons. Each season has its own characteristics.
Spring, I do not know when to steal from my eyes, sprinkle joyous buds on nature, the stream “tinkles” to ring, grass suddenly turned green quilt. You know who brought everything back to life, who made the grass green and who brought the swallow? It’s all spring.
In summer, trees grow lush and leafy. Various leaves cover the boundless sky tightly without a glimmer of light. In the morning, although the fog is not as thick as Xiao Xing’an Mountains, it can make you lose your way. After a while, the sun passed through the morning mist like a sword, keeping your eyes open.
Autumn, fruitful, fruit farmers are happy and sad. Happy is the fruit, but worried is busy picking fruit. In autumn, people no longer need to worry about being hot, but feel cool. You may think that if you change the autumn high air to summer, you won’t have to be tanned as Africans.
In winter, the north wind whistles, everybody wears thick clothes, and animals dig holes to hibernate. They do not wake up until the next spring. The little swallow has no trace. There is a thick layer of snow in the mountains and rivers, and the dead trees use snow as flowers.
Four seasons scenery, has different characteristics, I love this beautiful four seasons!
My favorite season is autumn.
First let me know that autumn is not the weather forecast, nor the newspaper report, but the autumn wind suddenly crossing your body on the road. The autumn wind blows, the cool air hits people, and immediately feels cold, let people know that the autumn wind is ruthless and cold.
But after the autumn wind blows, I suddenly feel that under the cold skin my blood is hot and flowing, my heart beats regularly, which is not felt at other times. Therefore, the autumn wind is not cold and heartless, but gives people vitality. She is stronger, more energetic and deeper than the spring breeze.
I don’t know why, when autumn comes, I can’t help recalling the past. No matter how happy you laughed and how sad you cried, there was always a little sadness in your memory. Especially in late autumn, this feeling becomes stronger and stronger. Doctors call it “seasonal depression”.
In autumn, everything seems quieter than usual. Less impetuous, more deep. This kind of deep feeling seems to be caused by some kind of unknown pain, as the text says, “Only this kind of pain can give us deep feeling.”
The trees on the earth stood still, and the flowers withered quietly. Suddenly there came a light rain, which hit the face with a deep coolness. Even if you are angry now, when a drop of autumn rain falls on your face, you will find yourself so foolish and then so lonely.
Autumn rain will not make people ecstatic, more quiet. This kind of quiet, well-controlled people, will be transformed into quiet, always do things at will, not over-the-moment feeling; and those who do not control well, will be impetuous, and incompatible with the things around them.
In autumn, she seems so unpredictable. Sometimes she calms your wounded heart like an angel. Sometimes she makes you mad and mad like a devil. She is beautiful and dangerous. Although I’m not an adventurous, bold person, these characteristics are enough to make me have a little preference for her.