Arbor Day

This year’s Tree Planting Day, the head teacher decided to take us several spontaneously to visit an old man in the mountainous area of our city.
We gathered early in the morning, 桑拿佛山and the temperature was very different in autumn. We wore very thick clothes for fear of catching cold.
The road is tortuous, but also we have never stepped into the area, surrounded by mountains, one by one, continuous, are late autumn gray and yellow, occasionally a dark green, surrounded by thick fog, deep can not see anything, also very boring, there are only layers of mountains, except mountains, but only mountains.
After driving for about half an hour, we came to the foot of a mountain. After getting off, there was a mountain road with clucking feet. Next, we had to climb up. The road in front of us stretched up to the top, surrounded by tall trees like clouds, and the steps under our feet were covered with dead leaves. The front was dark, and we could not see clearly what was going on. Several of us pulled this hand hard on the scalp, and the winding road was still stretching. We went farther and farther. It goes deeper and deeper.
There was a silk in front of him, and after a few steps, there was a family in front of him. The head teacher told us that the three tiled rooms were the old man’s residence. I had seen him too. He was hunched with his back, grey hair, a white short sleeve and a grey cloth hanging on his shoulder. I don’t think he’s cold?
We trotted to him and shook hands with him one by one. What rough hands they were. We bowed politely, and the old man’s eyes narrowed with laughter. His gray and dry skin seemed to glow. He invited us in and said it was cold outside, and we went in. The furnishings in the room are very simple. There is only one wooden table and several low stools in the hall. The teapots and cups 桑拿广州are complete. The room is not very big, but it is narrow when we enter. But it was quite clean. We sat around and drank hot tea. The old man said that the tea was seldom opened by mountain springs. No wonder it was slightly sweet. It was the sweetness of nature.
After our understanding, the old man was a veteran. After retirement, he devoted himself to this vast mountain forest. He planted trees all the year round to prevent wind and fix sand. In the past ten years, he planted hundreds of thousands of trees and hundreds of trees by himself. Then he took us to see the trees he planted.
We came to another hilltop along the mountain road, listening to the head teacher, this winding mountain road is stepped广州桑拿 out step by step by step by the elderly over the years, which not only reminds me of Mr. Lu Xun’s famous saying: in fact, there are many people on the ground who have no way to go, but also become a road. But the old man was alone, so he stepped out of this hundred miles of tortuous road! _
At the top of the hill, there is a vast expanse of forest, a dark green, green black, autumn spring breath, there is a respectful admiration in my heart! The old man beside seems to be integrated with the green mountain, his brown pupil is deep green, his life, his body is blending with it. …
Farewell to the old man, we are again driving on the winding mountain road, where the gray yellow mountains and the old man’s Black Mountains blend, and in the middle is the back of the old man’s slight bow, rough hands…