Thoughts on Teacher’s Day

The only feeling of this festival is nostalgia. Those who give us knowledge and guide us to grow up become ladders and marks in everyone’s life.
In the golden autumn of September, Dangui is fragrant and breezy, and hard gardeners are bathed in the glory of their careers. September 10 “Teacher’s Day” is so loud, China’s land of etiquette, across time and space, passionate reverberation. From the coast of the East China Sea to the snow-covered Tibet, from the South Treasure Island to the frontier outside the fortress, from the three-foot platform to the palace of knowledge, all are immersed in the joyous sea. “Teacher, you have worked hard!” A sincere greeting condensed all expectations; “Teacher, happy festival!” A sentence of affectionate blessings contains countless auspicious! The strong voice of the times constantly hit the hearts of preachers and professors, respecting teachers and emphasizing teaching has become fashionable, science and education to flourish the country blossoms fragrance, teachers are like the old peasants working to provoke. With the basket, the heavy harvest bends the backbone, but it writes happiness on the face. This is the portrait of Chinese teachers, the measurement of Chinese teachers! __
Some people say that teachers are candlelight, burning their own light; some say that teachers are wings, allowing students to fly in space; some say that teachers are the foundation, building a talent building is huge;
But I think that teachers are the spiritual masters who really promote social progress. They use their weak shoulders to carry the hope of national takeoff and spread the accumulated energy of social progress: science and technology, ideas and beliefs. For the sake of peach and plum fragrance, they work hard and worry about their hearts and minds. In order to cultivate pillars, they forget to eat and sleep and persevere. How many nights have they turned on lights to dawn? How many sweats have they sprayed in the classroom? Lead students to climb the palace of books and mountains and sail in the sea of knowledge through the wind and waves.
From the common people of Li to the military generals of Wenchen, from one move to one gallop, from stumbling to soaring, from babbling to singing, from standing up to literary grace, from adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing to fluent operation, who has not realized the teacher’s nourishment? Who has not experienced the teacher’s hearts? Who has not tasted the teacher’s good wine? Teachers have an inexhaustible treasure, from Confucianism to quality guidance, from flying dust to browsing the Internet, from “stinky old nine” to “teaching artisans”. Teachers have traveled a long and arduous road, but the more brave and frustrated they are, the longer they have come from generation to generation, because they have passed it on. It’s the relay stick, the spiritual food left behind, and the strong fighting injected into it that makes the descendants of Yan and Huang stand high in the east of the world.
From the vigorous awakening of the sleeping lion to the giant dragon flying to catch up with the great powers, from the thousand-year dream of Shenzhou flying into the sky, to the submarine exploring the century treasures, from the return of Hong Kong and Austria to the wandering homeland, to the world admiration of Athens, which has no power of behind-the-scenes heroes? But people always like to dedicate praise to the “carp leaping into the Dragon gate” and “arrogant son shooting into the sky”. Wolf”. In fact, the teacher is the hero of the times and the model of the society. The clever lark should sing for the teacher heartily. The teacher can make the desert no longer desolate and breed oasis streams. The teacher has a magic formula, which can make the foolish become full of intelligence quotient. Even if the Yangtze River is the ink, it can not draw the teacher’s light. Even if the earth is made of paper, it can not write the teacher’s chapter.
A drop of water can reflect the light of the sun. Countless drops of inspired water converge into an ocean of wisdom. The engineers of the soul always start from a little bit and lift the sun of tomorrow with their hard work and sweat.