Dam Collapse in India

A dam built on a canal in Jakarta State, India, collapsed less than 24 hours after it was officially opened, and it has been built for 42 years, costing nearly 22 billion rupees (about 2.2 billion yuan) and blaming the hole for the collapse.
The cost of building the dam has risen from 120 million rupees (about 12 million yuan) to nearly 22 billion rupees (about 2.2 billion yuan) since it was built 42 years ago.
It is reported that on the evening of August 28, the dam showed signs of leakage, less than 10 hours before it was officially opened. During the day, the Chief Minister of Jakarta, India, had just held a solemn ceremony to celebrate the dam’s official opening.
But no one expected that about 22 hours after the dam was opened, the dam collapsed and water overflowed from the breach, flooding the farmland of 35 villages in the Baghdad area near Giridi District.
Related departments blamed the accident on several blocked rat holes, but this statement was sped up by netizens.
Netizens said it was ridiculous to blame the “bean curd dregs project” on the rat hole.
At present, the government has set up an investigation team to investigate the incident in depth.