Red book resumes on the shelves

77 days after the shelves, last night, the small red book App officially resumed.

As soon as the news came out, it quickly exploded in the new media circle. A small red book cooperating with MCN’s business brokers sent a circle of friends for the first time, saying that Xi Dapu Ben, “friends circled the party”, and a colleague is more concise and brief – “double eleven”.
The red book was restored to the shelves. After more than two months, what happened to the institutions and people behind it? From the current situation, the small red book App has been restored in OPPO, vivo, application treasure, Meizu and other application stores, and should be able to be installed in all major application stores in the next few days. This means that the reorganization of Xiaohongshu has been completed.
The red book was restored to the shelves. After more than two months, what happened to the institutions and people behind it? Looking back at this time, although the download is not normal, the business of bloggers, MCNs and advertisers of Xiaohongshu has been fluctuating, but they are still in progress.
In the market, there are even small red book App download tutorials and sub-businesses. There are also several small red book apps named “Little Red Book Selection” and “Little Red Mall”, which are used in major app stores. Top ten on the App Store free list.
Going back to what most people care about most now –
After more than two months, what about the institutions, bloggers and advertisers who work closely with Xiaohongshu? How will the platform’s audit mechanism change? Will the business’s small red book budget change? How will the MCN organization adjust the planning and management of bloggers?

With these questions, we found some small red book bloggers, MCN institutions and advertisers, so let them hear what they say.

Xiaohongshu blogger: “The official review is obviously more strict, and the fitness blogger is more affected.”
Xiaohong’s official cooperation with MCN’s squatting operation, Haiping, said that during this time, they clearly felt that the official control of the content was more stringent.

“There are fans who can’t see the notes in the collection. We guess that this may be the platform for a full content review. Not only the newly uploaded notes, but even the re-review of previously published content.”

A small red book food blogger mentioned that she will now review the illegal words of the advertising law before posting. She thinks that the notes review time is too long, probably because of the contraband in the notes, which was detected by the system.

It is understood that depending on the content, the platform review time is not the same. Among them, the fitness bloggers are greatly affected. “After consulting the official, we got the saying that we should try not to give close-ups.”

In addition, there are also small red book bloggers saying that “the flow of notes during the period of the shelves is unstable”, some bloggers began to reduce the frequency of updates, and others considered developing other platforms.

In terms of brand budget during the rectification period, the feedback from bloggers is also generally reduced.

The beauty blogger hot pot used “the baldness” to describe her recent situation. “There was basically no business list in the first few months, and it may be that the company is not giving force. It is only slightly better near the double eleven.”

However, some bloggers have broken through the bottleneck during this period and have grown against the trend.

Xiaohongshu blogger @啵唧爷爷 currently has a fan number of 298,000. The content published before is mostly lipstick color test, makeup tutorial, etc. Until the end of August, she shared several notes about niche cute makeup, and liked it. The number has risen from a few hundred to a few thousand, or even tens of thousands.
The red book was restored to the shelves. After more than two months, what happened to the institutions and people behind it?
According to reports, the account has increased by 250,000 from the end of August to the beginning of October, and the number of praises and collections has increased by 700,000. “The small red book is not necessarily a good thing, the community is more and more standardized, and I will continue to do content and share what I like and use.”

MCN organization: “The original advertisement was in short supply, and now only 3-4 orders per month”
“The most obvious is that the brand’s budget is reduced or even halved.” A few days ago, several people from different MCN institutions said that the impact of the small red book on the MCN organization relying on platform advertising revenue is not small. .

According to the business of an MCN organization, due to the wait-and-see attitude of many small and medium-sized brands during the rectification period and the increase in the threshold of brand partners, the overall market price of KOL has risen, resulting in advertisers not having enough budget to launch. “At the same time, big brands are also compressing. The budget for the small red book notes.”

There is also a small red book partner MCN sales manager mentioned: “The original KOL advertising cooperation period is in short supply, and now only 3-4 singles a month.”

In the face of the platform’s removal, the anxiety of institutions and bloggers is obvious. In this process, there are quite a few commercial reasons, considering multi-line development, expanding other platforms to make alternatives, and some organizations doing the opposite, considering expanding the number of contracted bloggers.

Zhao Renyuan, founder of Juwei Media, believes that although the reduction of customer placement during the rectification period has caused the decline of fan activity, he still has a positive attitude. On the one hand, he said that he wants to “run the legs” and evade from a commercial perspective. Risk, on the other hand, believes that we must persist in deep farming.

“It can be rushed out in such a platform, and it has a relationship with various aspects of consumption upgrade. Moreover, KOL’s fan stickiness and market recognition on the platform are as always. From the perspective of consumption upgrade, this is definitely worth it. A platform for long-term deep cultivation.”

Advertiser: “Little Red Book is still the core platform, as long as it is alive, there is market value.”
After the small red book was put on the shelves, we also found a well-known brand party. The other party thought that the brand’s adjustment to the Xiaohongshu did not change significantly.

“No matter whether the red book is not off the shelf, the main platform is still dual-micro + small red book, so at least half a year, the small red book is still the core platform. But I don’t know what will happen next. Capital game, mainly it is still alive. With traffic, there is market value.”

In addition, some people in the industry mentioned that “actually, the budget of the brand in Xiaohongshu will be adjusted according to the strength of competing products on the same platform.”

Platform: “The audit team has expanded two or three batches, which is a good one.”
Little Red Book itself has not stopped the pace of change.

According to Phoenix Science and Technology News, the insiders of Xiaohongshu recently said that compared with the situation that the notes sent by users before the shelves were not fully reviewed, the “audit team has expanded two or three batches now, and now every note posted by users will enter. Review process, first machine review, then manual review.

“The most important thing for the team now is to tighten the nerves at any time. It’s a good place to put one.” The insider said, “Sometimes a few numbers will be sealed in one day.”

As a well-known “grass community” with a total registered number of users of 300 million, Xiaohongshu should be more cautious. And from a longer-term perspective, a short break is not necessarily a good thing.

As some peers have said, no Internet platform can ever be “savagely growing”. This rectification in Xiaohongshu is like completing a big test.