Imprint is engraved on my heart

“You forgot, you forgot. Forget it all, forget it all! You ignore your dreams, you don’t remember that you still have your dreams!” On that day, these words reverberated in my mind hundreds of thousands of times, from the moment I knew the score, until I fell asleep in a drowsy bed. It was the same day that it pulled me out of my sleep. That day was a turning point in my life, and it also witnessed my unforgettable experience.
As I grow up, I need more and more goals in my life. In the third year of junior high school, I succeeded in formulating my goal of life, that is, to become a civil engineer who contributes to the world. The goal of life is to pursue with all one’s strength so as to achieve something happy. Obviously, the success of this goal is based on giving full play to one’s strength in each examination and getting into an ideal university. However, the starting point of the pursuit of the road is very unsatisfactory, for many reasons, but what plays a decisive role is the very common thing in life – computer games. During the period when I first came into contact with computer games, that is, the last year of my elementary school, games were just for me to pass the boring time. But this situation soon changed, sporadic fire quickly became a prairie fire, computer games began to erode my learning time and develop to an irremediable level. My academic performance plummeted, and my communication with my classmates was based entirely on discussing games. Gradually I became autistic and obsessed. It lasted five years until that day.
That day is the day I know the total score of the first semester of senior high school. Teachers of all subjects begin to announce their grades by roll call in class. When my physics teacher read about my grades, I still remember her face today: she shook her head, sighed and announced “83 points”. On the 100-point test, the class averaged 91 and 83, which was like a heavy hammer hitting me on the head. 83 is by no means an inspiration to give full play to every test. At that moment, I recalled what I had done a few days before the exam. Why did this happen? The answer flashed into my mind in an instant: I played a game for three days without touching the book. I couldn’t help muttering to myself, “Have you forgotten your dream?” In my heart came an earth-shaking roar as an answer, which echoed in my mind all day: “You forgot, you forgot. Forget it all, forget it all! You ignore your dreams, you don’t remember that you still have your dreams!” This moment is the longest and most painful moment I have ever experienced. At the same time, I would also like to thank this moment, it has produced a dramatic effect on me, let me instantly understand the impact of the game on me. Therefore, I am determined to give up this devilish computer game.
After returning home in the afternoon, instead of acting immediately, I went to the golf course to play a game first. While playing basketball, I thought carefully about what computer games have brought to me in the past five years. Happiness, excitement and enjoyment, but compared to my soon-to-be-broken dream, these little joys, excitement and enjoyment are not worth it. Instead of letting me repent my foolish and sad behavior for decades to come, it’s really not worth it. Game is harmless and not beneficial! Not only that, but my teachers often told me in announcing their grades a long time ago, “This score really doesn’t match your intelligence. “Obviously, this is not a matter of a day or two, but of years. Why didn’t I listen to it before? Because I’ve been blocked by games, just like autistic people. But I’m still glad that this day has finally arrived. When I got home in the evening, I immediately deleted all the software related to the game from my computer and closed all my account related to the game. There was no hesitation in my mind when I did these things.
Just the next day, I felt the earth-shaking changes. First of all, I have as much free time as I do from the ground. Obviously, because the game is a time killer, it will unconsciously and ruthlessly consume your precious time. These unused hours were quickly used up by me to pick up my broken studies. Three months later, my grade in the second semester came out, which was only one point higher than that in the first semester on average, but this time the teachers’faces were obviously different from those in the first semester. If disappointment is used to describe that time, it is encouragement this time. I firmly believe that this is a good omen. I’m right. When the results of the third semester came out, I heard and saw the scores that really satisfied me. These scores really reflect my potential and wisdom. The ignorant teenagers who were filled with imaginary money and monsters are gone forever.
This unforgettable experience, which is closely related to computer games, has really helped me grow up. At the same time, it also made me realize the principle of “pain makes sense, no pain makes sense”. Two years later, I’m on my way to college. My dream is inspiring me to move forward step by step, and I gradually see the dawn of dream becoming reality. Now in retrospect, if I hadn’t awakened that day, today would never have come. I still deplore the time I had been ruthlessly taken away by games. An inch of time and an inch of gold, time is life. In the days to come, I will cherish the time and move towards my goal!