Artist Tian Zhanyi dies

At 10:50 on February 18, Tian Zhanyi, a famous storytelling artist of China Railway literary and Art Troupe, died of acute myocardial infarction at 301 Hospital in Beijing at the age of 76. In recent years, he is the actor with the highest achievement in broadcasting modern history review books, and his representative works include many medium and long-term review books, such as the sale of cigarettes in Humen, the storm of the Republic of China, and Lin Xiangqian.
According to Tian Zhanyi’s obituary, due to the current situation of the epidemic, no ceremony will be held. After the epidemic, the old man’s friends will be invited to attend the memorial service.
Tian Zhanyi was born in 1943. Although he was rated as a storyteller, he learned crosstalk at the beginning. Moreover, his infatuation with crosstalk also affected his studies. He once studied crosstalk from Wang Shichen, a famous crosstalk expert. Later, Tian Zhanyi transferred from the army to the factory and performed in his spare time. At that time, his brother-in-law was Li Xinquan, a famous storytelling performance artist. Tian Zhanyi tried to perform storytelling. Unexpectedly, he became angry. He went on the storytelling road and became a teacher of Li Xinquan.
Tian Zhanyi’s representative work “secret train” has been broadcast in the Central People’s broadcasting station and Beijing TV station, and has received many favorable comments. Later, his mid and long-term reviews, such as “selling cigarettes in Humen”, “Lin Xiangqian”, “ancient city against adultery”, “Republic of China wind and cloud”, “sunset Forbidden City”, “ancient and modern comprehensive review” and “Li Zicheng”, were broadcast on many local radio and television stations, making him the actor with the highest achievement in broadcasting modern history review books in recent years.
Tian Zhanyi once said that listening to books can make children grow up in knowledge and education. Therefore, most adults are against children watching TV, but few are against children listening to storytelling.
Tian Zhanyi has an apprentice named Fu Biao. This old drama character has played many films of Feng Xiaogang. He has won a lot of appreciation for his unique comedy talent and superb acting skills. Moreover, he and his wife have a very good relationship and are a very famous couple. Fu Biao was transferred from the drama troupe to the rap Troupe for several years when he was in the railway literary troupe, where he studied crosstalk, storytelling and Allegro with Tian Zhanyi. Unexpectedly, such a promising actor died of illness in 2005. Tian Zhanyi’s white hair man sent the black hair man.