A steward was diagnosed

Anhui province released novel coronavirus pneumonia cases diagnosed on 19 and 20 days.
Among them, a newly diagnosed patient in Hefei, Anhui Province, was a young woman who worked in the company on February 3, 4, 10 and 12. On February 12, headache and fever occurred, and they took medicine by themselves. Cough symptoms appeared on February 18. He was hospitalized in fever clinic of Hefei Binhu hospital, and then treated in isolation. The diagnosis was made on February 20, and the condition is stable at present.
The reporter came to the office building of Ping’an Jinfu near Hefei Binhu office service area. A cordon has been set up at the entrance of the building. A sign posted on the locked glass door said: in order to prevent and control the epidemic, Ping An golden clothing suspended its work. Signed as Ping An Jinfu Hefei Branch. A police warning novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control concentrated in the Hefei Baohe branch of the Public Security Bureau was also posted.
In addition, 19 novel coronavirus patients were diagnosed in Bengbu, Anhui. The patient was a railway steward, who had traveled between Beijing and Bengbu many times before the disease. The details are as follows:
Xie, 56, a male, now lives in building 4, Ruitai Xincheng, Dongfeng Street, Longzihu District, Bengbu City. He is a railway steward.
On January 26, I took k148 times (No. 12 carriages) from Fuyang to West Beijing;
On January 27, he took k147 trips from Beijing West to Fuyang;
On January 27, take k8484 (car 9) back to beng and walk home;
Stay at home from January 27 to 30, take k8415 (car 7 or 8) to Hefei on January 31, take k8554 to Fuyang (car 2) on that day, and take k148 times from Fuyang to Beijing West;
On February 1, k147 passengers were on duty from Beijing West to Fuyang;
On February 1, take k5613 Fuyang to Hangzhou;
On February 2, take k5614 from Hangzhou to Fuyang;
On February 2, take k4132 to Fuyang, Beijing;
On February 3, he was on duty from Beijing to Fuyang on k4131 and had a close contact history with the confirmed case Shen XX (No. 0212-4);
Take k1046 (car 9) from Fuyang to beng that night, and walk home at 11-12 PM;
He did not go out at home from February 4 to 10;
Febrile occurred on February 10, and fever was relieved after taking medicine;
On the afternoon of February 11, I arrived at the unit. I got fever again that night. I walked to the fever clinic of the First Affiliated Hospital of Beng Medical College with a mask. 120 special buses were transferred to the city designated hospital for isolation treatment that night. At present, my condition is stable.