Experts talk about whether to wear masks

The novel coronavirus pneumonia (reporter Xu Meihui) at 15 o’clock on March 29th, “global epidemic, the four seas concentric” second new crown pneumonia multidisciplinary forum held, Zhang Wenhong, Li Lanjuan and other seven top experts at home and abroad, in-depth analysis of the global new crown epidemic trend and the strategy of national epidemic prevention.
Several experts discussed whether to wear masks when going out.
Lu Mengji, Professor of the Institute of Virology at the medical school of Essen University in Germany, said that wearing a mask is not only a medical and scientific issue, but also a higher level of social identity. Lumengji pointed out that due to the large public space in Germany, it is relatively easy to maintain a distance of 1.5m and 2m between two people, but this is relatively difficult in China.
Lumengji pointed out that if everyone uses masks, it will cause a lot of waste. At present, it is relatively difficult for German citizens to buy masks because the government controls the supply of masks and does not want the public to hoard masks. As long as the German government thinks that residents need to use masks, health institutions will issue them.
Lu Shan, a lifelong professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, agreed. Lu Shan said that whether to wear masks or not has a relatively different view between the East and the West. The main purpose of wearing masks in China is to protect themselves, while Westerners believe that it is up to sick people to wear masks to control the source of infection.
“When I talk about wearing masks with you today, I know that there are many things in the world that don’t have standard answers. This is the essence of life.” Zhang Wenhong said.