Nurses beaten by foreign patients

Novel coronavirus pneumonia: according to the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau: the Information Office of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau today (April 2nd) 0:40: “7:28 in April 1st,” the 110 public security bureau of Guangzhou received a report that the isolation ward of the first hospital of the Eighth People’s Hospital of Jiahe was in the first floor of the hospital ward (hereinafter referred to as “the eight hospital of the city”). Guangzhou Baiyun police immediately sent personnel to the scene.
Preliminary investigation: novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed by OKONKWONWOYE CHIKA PATRICK (male, 47 years old, Nigeria nationality), who was diagnosed by a female nurse in the isolation ward of the eight hospital of the city. The patient was ignored by the patient. He was following the attempt to force out of the isolation ward. When the nurse saw it, she immediately stopped it and was pushed to the ground to beat and bite her face. After forensic examination, a nurse Wang’s face, neck and waist were found to be slightly injured. The foreign confirmed patient entered Guangzhou from abroad on March 20 and was tested positive for new coronavirus nucleic acid. On March 23, he was sent to the eighth hospital of Guangzhou for isolation treatment. At present, its nucleic acid test is still positive.
At present, the hospital has strengthened security forces in the internal isolation area. At the same time, Guangzhou police have established a criminal case to investigate the matter, and further strengthened the security work inside and around the hospital. At present, the suspects involved in the case are under the supervision of the police for isolation treatment. After the treatment, the police will immediately take criminal compulsory measures against them, and resolutely deal with them in accordance with the law of the people’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases, the criminal law, the law on the entry and exit of foreigners and other laws and regulations.