20000 people in Huangshan Scenic Spot

In order to boost the post epidemic tourism market and promote the recovery of tourism in the province, Huangshan City launched a two-week “Jianghuai land tour”. Activity date: from April 1 to 14, Anhui residents outside Huangshan City can enjoy free tickets to 31 scenic spots.
The “Jianghuai land door-to-door Tour” includes Huangshan scenic spot, Xidi and Hongcun ancient villages in southern Anhui, Huizhou ancient city, Tangyue memorial archway group, Baojia garden, Tangmo and Chengkan, Taiping Lake, jadeite Valley, Xin’an Jiangshan water Gallery, Qiyun mountain scenic spot, etc.
Many people must go to Huangshan to have a look at the free tickets! Because at this time of the past year, tickets cost 190 yuan.
As a result, there are many people with this idea.
On April 3, Huangshan scenic spot was crowded with people, with almost no distance between them. Some tourists said that they had not walked to 1km in two hours.