Tmall president’s wife more dynamic

Recently, the wife of tmall’s President Jiang Fan revealed that Zhang Dayi “provoked my husband”, and then Jiang Fan sent an internal email to ask the company to investigate him. Zhang said “everything is a misunderstanding”.
On the 19th, the president’s wife was found to be online for the first time on a second-hand platform after “tearing the net red by hand”, and she went shopping from 12:00 at night to more than 3:00 in the morning.
Her first move after “tearing the net red by hand” was to release a skirt that she suspected her daughter had worn. After the second-hand dynamic release, many people’s messages were instantly received, and everyone cheered her on.
At the same time, at 3:00 a.m., the president’s wife handled her own comments. It can be seen that the president’s wife stayed at least from 12:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. on the second-hand platform.
Melon eaters found that the day before the president’s wife broke the news that Zhang Dayi had a dispute with a seller. In her comments on the 16th, she said that the seller refused to admit the damage of the function and refused to communicate. She said that the seller’s character was too bad and said, “I will give you 2000 yuan!”
Some netizens think that the president’s wife is “thrifty and thrifty”, and she has a lot of money. She even buys used goods.
The president’s wife has been found by melon eaters before. She is not stingy with herself when she wears 10000 skirts, 5000 shoes, 30000 coats and 20000 jewelry, which means she is not short of money at all.
But at the same time, she also pays great attention to the reasonable disposal of old things. It seems that the label of “thrifty” is worthy of sticking on her.