Sabine as a sign language teacher

No one!
Live delivery yesterday
CCTV boys “fairy stories” constantly
Hot whole network
“There’s nothing that can’t be solved by a single paragraph,
No, just two. “
Ask who is the most interesting. You can have a taste of it
Kanghui’s first show with goods turned over?
First live delivery
Kanghui theory
“My main advantage is my face
Let’s take a closer look,
Doesn’t such a standard good face carry goods? “
However, for the first time, the goods are overturned
A cup of espresso in 30 seconds
result? Stamp video ↓
How Zhu Guangquan in “common concern”
Selling small electric fans?
Zhu Guangquan: “it’s so hot recently that corn has become popcorn,
You have to use air conditioner WiFi watermelon at home,
Take it with you when you go out. “
Sabine as a sign language teacher
“Dream is to slap Zhu Guangquan”
Frequent golden sentences in the live broadcast
Netizen: full of variety, please continue, don’t stop
Talking about the recent life
Kang Hui said directly, “all the disappointments can be said that this is life”
Mention your advantage of carrying goods
Sabine looked at the three people around him,
Squat down and say, “my advantage is that the price is proportional to the height.
I don’t like to get together,
Together, we win,
I win every game. “
About CCTV boys, Zhu Guangquan introduced:
“Left green dragon, right white tiger, little squirrel in the middle”
Ask where the sign language teacher is
Zhu Guangquan replied: “the sign language teacher didn’t buy the ticket this time. When he went by bike, the chain was broken.”
For a better life, CCTV boys really put together! Did you spell it?