Farewell, idiot

When I was a kid, I really didn’t realize what it was like to say goodbye to life and death on TV. But, fool, you really give me this feeling, it’s the pain of tearing my heart and lungs. It’s so painful that I dare not recall it for years, for fear that tears will fall down without any precautions…
Stupid, do you remember when I first met you? Well, maybe you forgot about it long ago. You were dirty that day, no different from a roadside wildcat. When my uncle gave you to me, I threw you aside in disgust. At that time, you were so thin that the cat’s ears kept swinging from side to side, and the eyes were clear and bright, just a pitiful look. It took a long time for you to say “meow” slowly. The cry was a little harsh and a little sad…
Later, I became your “master”. You know, every time you eat with your head tilted and your eyes staring at me, you look really stupid. So I named you “idiot”.
The most unforgettable thing is that every time I cry, I foolishly run to the scene of crying to you. Looking back now, I’m really stupid. How could a cat hear what I said? However, at that time, I really did not know anything, it was a ignorant child. Only know that there are unhappy things to say… You, when I cry to you, tilt your head, look at me with those big eyes, sometimes “meow” a few times, make it seem to understand the general. But how much do you understand what I said to you? From beginning to end, it’s just me acting on my own, deceiving myself. And you, like the visitor, go away after a play. I don’t want to stay one more point, do I?
Day by day, you have been in my house for two years and three months. That night, I watched my mother put the food in front of you. But you stop tilting your head, staring at me with your eyes, or even licking food with your tender tongue. At that time, I didn’t know where to fight, but I wanted to fight you with the hanger and force you to eat.
I took up the hanger and threw it on you. You didn’t move half of it. You stood there like a wronged child. I took up the hanger again and hit you hard. This time, you staggered and curled up. My heart trembled slightly. Looking at you a little thinner, I angrily threw the hanger aside and said to you, “Gee, you silly cat, what a nuisance!” Your eyes seem to move, and you look up at me suddenly, then slowly lower your head… I pointed at you and said to my mother, “Give me this silly cat away! I’m too lazy to ask for it because I’m so stupid and can only eat and drink freely! ” Say that, I turned around and left without looking back… At that time, I knew clearly that these were all impulsive words. But fool, do you ever know?
The next morning, I went to see you again. You still haven’t eaten anything, and you’re still curled up in the corner. I hummed softly, turned around and said again, “Quickly send off! I’m tired of looking at it!” I looked back, looked up and looked at you a little. You lowered your head, like a child who made mistakes. That night, when I slept, I did not know why I was nervous. My heart was very nervous. It took me a long time to fall asleep.
On the third day I ran to see you again. But, you cruel cat, did not wait for me… I know, you’ve really been sent away. At that time, I should have been happy that your annoying cat was finally sent away, but my tears, but can not stop falling, dripping on the heart that has been a thousand holes. I rushed into the room, wailed and cried. In my mind, in my eyes, in my heart, it was all your pitiful silliness that passed over and over again. However, the tears eventually blurred my vision. Your appearance eventually blurred, gradually disappeared… Maybe you’ll remember all your life that I said I was going to send you away resolutely, but fool, if I said those were all heartless words, would you still believe me, the villain who beat you with a hanger?
Later, I gradually realized that some people would never come back if they left. As the old saying goes, “The moon is cloudy, sunny, round and waning, and people have joys and sorrows.” Dumb, I want to see you, but no matter what I do, my parents won’t tell me where you are going. They always told me to study hard and not to mind so many things. I’ve thought about raising another cat, but I know they’ll never be you… You are unique…
Now, fool, I’m really grown up. I can afford it and let it go. Idiot, I thank you for your two thoughtful companionship, and also thank you for having been a passer-by in my life, which has brought me different feelings… But I’m sorry, I finally abandoned you in the vast crowd, leaving alone…
Idiot, I don’t expect you to remember me. I just hope that you will be the happiest cat in the world now, carefree and happy. And I will not continue to wander in place.
Spring, summer, autumn and winter, four seasons, two years, three months and two days, is a cat called “fool”, accompanying a girl through all the days. If one day, you see a silly looking, big and clear eyes, very thin body, call it “fool” it will shake its tail a few times, will stare at your cat, trouble you to tell it for the girl: “That day, a girl lost you, like lost her favorite toy, she was very sad, crying for a long time, eyes crying very red. But she knows that her favorite cat will never find her. The girl only hopes that her favorite cat will have a good life and be the happiest cat in the world.
Finally, please don’t forget to say for the girl, “Farewell, idiot…”
Stupid, will you let me be your master in the next life? Would you like to continue to be my favorite fool?