A letter to Mr. Yu Qiuyu

Now is a junior three student, whenever there is frustration and loneliness, or often think of what Mr. Yu said in “Walkers Without Borders”: for slander, listening is encouragement, refutation is game. This is also the source of confidence that has kept me going in this unknown environment.
It is self-evident that the pressure of junior three has a great impact on students, but a more terrible pressure is brewing behind it – collective consciousness. Whenever we have made some achievements, the people next to us are not greetings of care, but cool eyes. Just as you get high marks and low scores, they are shameful in comparison with themselves, but proud of the so-called capital to interrogate you, you have to face them, face them will fall into a series of traps they designed. The last time I jumped into the mud, I couldn’t get out.
I have struggled in this as if it were ineffective. God can’t see my cry, just listen to their laughter, let me roar and laugh, he is as lonely as the old man. Until an inadvertent collective reading activity, on the shelf, I saw a Book “Cultural Tour”. At once, my classmates also cast contemptuous eyes on me. They thought I was so-called show off. I had read a page or two, and I found that the book had depth, so I ignored what they said.
That is to say, no problem has arisen since then. Even if sometimes they want to say something, I don’t care if they say it’s none of my business. I don’t respond and it’s harmless. By then, they will use their precious time and energy to do such meaningless things. The scientific name of physics is useless work.
I often have a leisurely heart, but also a worrying heart, for the school homework, I am not too strict with myself. Unlike among the students, who are determined to take an exam, the top students in liberal arts, science and single subjects, there are nine junior high schools. Don’t be too bad. In the past, they can go to senior high school. That’s fine. So I often spend a lot more time than they do, freely. During their winter vacation, busy with making up lessons, I read the new book that Mr. Yu Qiuyu has arranged and bound in recent years. Among them, I wrote down the reading notes and the feeling after reading for “One Sigh for a Millennium” and “The Traveler Without Borders”, which have been submitted to a small publishing house, hoping to have an immediate response.
My parents are certainly happy to see me doing this, because it can complete the so-called “high school students must read a series of bibliographic tasks” issued by the school. If we finish it earlier, we will have less worries. But I never read some of the historical books recommended in it, and I don’t know much about the historical figures in it. I can’t read this kind of book. You force me to read it. But I can’t keep the impression in my head. I just watch the flowers and swallow the dates. Instead, I might as well read some meaningful books of my own. No matter good or bad, no matter the dynasty, lucky or good, interesting drilling.
Reading is not for oneself, in a certain period of time, to obtain some material enjoyment, but hanging beam piercing stock. It pays more attention to improving one’s morality. Through reading Yu’s works, I have come to understand the current situation of Chinese culture step by step. It was created by the ancients. We borrowed it from them and should pass it on to future generations. As an intermediary, we can not damage it, but as far as the current situation is concerned, it seems that people are more and more deviating from this path, more and more inclined to satisfy people’s basic physiological desires and life needs.
I began to think, I began to meditate, I began to look at myself: Tangtang Chinese descendants, what can we do for such a grand civilized system? I think this must be a slim story. Day after day, I solved it in Mr. Yu’s works by the bookcase. Looking at the teacher in decades ago has reached a height that human beings can not reach, see teacher Yu as early as this has been created to the peak of literature, I feel a little shocked, a person’s ability to do things does not depend on what, but his mentality.
At present, I often write works like travels, such as visiting Dunhuang last summer vacation and visiting the works in Yu’s book. My only regret is that the local tour groups are not allowed to touch the rock walls, historical specimens and living life with their hands. After returning, a magnificent “Dunhuang Travel Notes” was published in less well-known publications. At the same time, it was as good as calculating the time, and soon it was covered up by the tide-like media of public opinion. My heart is painful, not because my works were first published and concealed, but because of the value orientation of modern people.
I also feel sorry for Mr. Yu, who is getting older, but still works in the front line of culture. Look, the number of listeners on his Himalayan program is small, and sighs. Not many modern people can feel the charm of ancient culture, feel more, and feel that he is too tired. I signed up, and on the first night I heard the news after the model test, I had done my calculations.
Thank you, Mr. Yu. Now we are still living in the front line of culture, and our descendants will certainly take you as a model. As you said, we should stand on your basis, study, create, discuss and examine again. Eventually, the world will reap the peak of Chinese civilization. We are looking forward to meeting Tao Yuanming, Li Bai and Fan Zhongyan in a Book of flowers and mists after thousands of years. We will offer a smile to each other and become the ancestors of human culture.
We also look forward to, and have been looking forward to, listening to your simple voice, the past and present life of Chinese culture.