A sunset in midsummer

Every time I recall that figure in the sunset in midsummer, it always makes me feel deeply.
I remember that it was a summer vacation. I rode my bicycle to my grandmother’s house alone. Along the way, I pedaled my bicycle so fast that the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road went back so fast that I couldn’t help being fascinated. The wind whizzing by and the cicada singing on the tree made a happy music with ingenuity. I felt so comfortable that I couldn’t help humming a tune and speeding up my bicycle ride.
There were unexpected storms in the sky. Suddenly, Tiangong shouted angrily as if to express his dissatisfaction with the heat. I thought: No! It’s going to rain. I had to pedal desperately and rush to the nearest shelter.
Suddenly, the rain poured down, and even the cicadas on the trees stopped shouting when they saw the situation. People are in danger and fortune. At this moment, the bicycle strikes and the chain is stuck. Seeing the rain getting heavier and heavier, I had no choice but to throw down my bicycle and run towards the hut not far away. Standing under the eaves, looking at the bicycle not far away, I feel helpless and decadent.
A few minutes later, as the rain dripped down, I paced slowly toward the bicycle, but could only stare at it.
At this time, an old man came into my sight and I gave him a look for help. When he saw my confusion, he went up to me and asked me. I told him my embarrassment, but he just laughed and walked away. I thought he couldn’t help me, so I went home, but when I was about to push the cart away, the old man came out of my hut where I had just sheltered from the rain, with a broken towel on his shoulder and a tool like pliers in his hand.
He came up to me and handed me the towel, motioning me to wipe off the rain. Seeing him crouching down and making waves at my car, I was still vaguely worried about whether he would help, but the situation forced me to hold a dead horse as a living horse doctor.
Then I looked at him carefully: in his fifties, he looked as if he would be blown away by the wind at any time. His skin was dark and his back was bent by long-term work. He was short, his temples were silky and his wrinkled face looked very kind.
While I was looking at it, the car had been repaired. I tried it on my bike and it felt great. I thanked him, but he just smiled as an answer and turned to go. Seeing this, I jumped out of the car and handed him the only ten dollars I had in my pocket with the broken towel. He was stunned and smiled brightly, but he only took the towel and said in a strong local accent, “How can I use this money at my age? I just let me have the spirit of a tree and a broken thatched house, which does not help you, and I am quick. Happy! “The voice just fell, he gave me a meaningful smile, then turned around and walked away, but I did not even have time to ask his name.
It was this stranger who made me feel warmer than the sunshine in midsummer.
I watched him go away, looking very bright in the midsummer sunset. Although his back was rickety and his steps were somewhat shaky, his steps were extremely firm. At this moment, my mind has emerged that special deep smile, just think, I will understand… Since then, my heart has planted a dream. I think I can do that, too. I can’t help but raise my mouth gently when I think of it here.
By this time, the sky had cleared up, and the cicadas on the trees were bored and sang like nobody else. I looked up at the sky and wondered when a rainbow bridge had been built. The setting sun in midsummer inspires me to move firmly in my own direction…