Grave memorial

Today, I went to my parents to go to the grave. After getting off the bus, I knocked on the door of my cousin’s house. Look carefully, the door is hidden, push the door open, take out the shovel, bamboo broom, and come to the grave. Today, the weather is particularly cold, and the bamboo forest is awe-inspiring. The wind blows the bamboo leaves to the ground, and the yellow bamboo leaves fall on the parents’ graves and step on them.

I used a bamboo broom to sweep away the fallen leaves and shoveled the weeds with a shovel. I ordered the incense sticks and started to burn the paper. The flames fluttered like a parent, knowing that the parents knew to send them money.

I was kneeling in front of the grave, thinking about the warmth of my parents: when I was young, my family was poor but very warm. Especially in the New Year, the family is busy cleaning, soaking rice and pushing the dumplings. In the New Year’s Eve, we are warming up in the bed, and my father cooked the dumplings and gave us to the bed, so warm! Once, my brother killed the duck, didn’t catch it, killed a knife and didn’t kill it, and ran across the yard. Finally caught the duck, killed and washed, the mother came back to boast that the brother can do it, the mother went to find the duck miscellaneous, ready to clean up and used for cooking, not found everywhere, the results look at the soup pot, the duck did not cut evenly get up.

My third sister is the most beautiful of my family, and I was the first to work. After I graduated from elementary school, I went to work at the Sichuan Cotton Factory. The three sisters are beautiful, the heart is kind and the wages are all taken home. Of course, the mother is also very good at the third sister. The family is poor, and eating noodles is extravagant. At that time, I was very young, and I saw the fragrance of the three sisters! Slightly swallowing beside it.

The mother is the backbone of our family, and the big things are all decided by the mother. Our family is five sons, I am the youngest, my father is working in Chengdu Hardware Company, and my mother is very hard at home with our five sons.

We can come out from the countryside, and worship my family, my father, my mother, took his family for 1 yuan, (54 yuan for 1 year, equivalent to 1,000 yuan now). The mother’s straight character, I’m willing to suffer this, really called Every day should not be called, the ground is silent! In a rage, even the more vigil of the night, I was holding a brother and sister and went straight to the Yangma River Ferry. At that time, even the boat did not have the money, and even said good things to the ferryman. The folks in Shangxiang, the ferryman sent our family to the river for free. In this way, we came to Chengdu from our hometown Wenjiang.

The mother’s hand is very clever, knitting sweaters, knitting wool hats, knitting children’s wool shoes, plus the mother’s amiable, can talk, we can survive in Chengdu.

When I was a child, I was very flattering. I was nicknamed “乖乖” and my grades were good. The class teacher also liked me very much. My mother is not a snack, hehe. I still remember to teach my mother to sing “The moon is walking through the white lotus…” Now think of the past, although poor, but the home is our happy world.

Since my parents died, my brothers and sisters have working families, and their family has gradually become weak. Without parents, the fog is living like an orphan. I can’t enjoy the warmth of the family, and the care of my family. I always have something missing. Today, I came to the grave and saw my parents’ graves. No one came to sweep the grave. I couldn’t help but feel sad and sad. I swear: I will not be buried in the future, so my daughter will use flowers to accompany my ashes. Sprinkle into the mountains of the stream, let my soul coexist with nature.

What are you born, why are you afraid of death? Life is as light as a feather for me. But since it is still alive, it must stand like Taishan, straighten the backbone, behave like a life that you have thought of, and go the way you want to go! ! !

Life: You can do your best, but you can’t help me.