The unforgettable dinner

I remember that it was Thursday morning, and I glanced at the calendar board unintentionally. Oh, today is May 31. Tomorrow will be our last Children’s Day party in primary school.
There was some traffic jam on the road. When I got to the classroom, the teacher had already started talking about it. The classroom is silent, the atmosphere is different from the past, and there is even a kind of sadness permeating. I quietly went to my seat and sat down. As soon as I looked up, I saw a few big words on the blackboard, “the last reunion of my classmates.” The bright red words became more and more striking and hurt my heart. The teacher’s eyes were red, but he pretended to be happy and said, “Students, tomorrow is your festival – Children’s Day. Today we go home and cook two of our best dishes. Tomorrow we have a dinner party. Finally, oh no, it’s the most meaningful Children’s Day. There was a whisper of sobbing from the rostrum. No one wanted to face the day, but it came after all.
Because I had to prepare for the next day’s dinner, I had no homework that day. I used to jump up happily, but that day, I could not get excited. My schoolbag was full of sadness. Back home, I found all the available ingredients and wanted to make a different lunch for my classmates. I want to make a fried chicken miscellaneous, hope that the students will always be lucky; I want to make a potato shredded, we are entangled in a thousand strands, never separate; I want to make a blueberry toast, so that students no longer sad, sweet heart.
It’s late at night. I can’t sleep for a long time. How I wish it would be a long night. I could greet tomorrow more slowly and meet our parting more slowly.
At noon the next day, everyone took out their lunch boxes and began to have dinner. Our craftsmanship is still very raw, but no one is picky, picking dishes with each other, giving the best dishes to others, eating burnt dishes by themselves. Just as Xiaoyi and I were delivering toast to our mouths, Xiaoni stepped onto the platform and said in a hoarse voice, “Classmates, I want to sing a song”Time to Cook Rain”to you, which is what I want to say to you. Wind blows and rain blossoms, time can not catch up with white horse… We say we can’t be separated, we should always be together. Even if it is against the whole world, it is against the whole world. At the end of the song, Xiaoyi and I looked at each other and shed tears. Toast in our mouth was sweet, but bitter in our heart. I also went to the rostrum, wiped away tears from my eyes and smiled and said, “My fellow students, Tagore once said that the furthest distance in the world is not the distance between life and death, but that I stand in front of you, but you don’t know that I love you. Now we are all sitting together and deeply in love with each other. Where is the distance? So we are still not separated, we will always be together! __ The students under the platform wiped away their tears and raised their glasses together: “Wish us the farther and farther we go, never to be separated!” At this time, Mrs. Liu slowly stepped onto the platform, supported her glasses with her habitual movements and said, “Classmates, today is the last Children’s Day you spent in elementary school. You have grown up and are going to fly. Thank you, let me witness your growth; thank you, give me a pleasant time; thank God, let us have a chance to meet. My children are all fantastic grass, no matter where they are put aside, they are the most beautiful one! Always bless you! ” The classroom sounded endless applause, echoing in every corner of the campus.
It took us three hours to have that dinner, and we cried and laughed, but anyway, it would be the most unforgettable dinner in our life, because it was the only one that contained childlike innocence, wishes and love.