Don’t have an alma mater

Six years, maybe in a person’s life, it is only a short period; in the vast time, it is only a short moment, but in my life, this past six years is special and unforgettable. A period of time will also be a time that I will still cherish after many years, because this is the childhood that I can’t come back again, and I can’t copy it again!

Looking back at the friendly campus, I couldn’t help my heart, the grass and trees in the playground, the table and chairs in the classroom, the loud answer in the classroom, the soft singing voice; the laughter in the class, the affectionate fight, even The white chalk ash that fell with the wind… everything is so kind and familiar when I think of it; I will not forget the days, the young friends, the respectable teachers, the colorful primary school time. .

In a blink of an eye, June, parting. The sky was drizzling, and the gray sky added a bit of sadness to our departure. I stood at the school gate and watched the backs of the classmates disappear into the drizzle. The teacher stood side by side with me and quietly looked at the teacher. The teacher’s eyes had a few deep crow’s feet, and the deep wrinkles. It seems that there is an invisible knife that passes through my heart, which makes me pay more respect to the teacher who is about to leave. There was also a white spot on the corner of the corner. A tear came silently from the corner of the teacher’s eyes. The teacher held me in my arms. I seemed to want to say something, but I couldn’t say anything. The tears and the rain melted together. Enjoy the hooligans. In my eyes, the familiar sixty faces have become more and more – more and more blurred, and in my heart everything is getting closer and closer, more and more clear!

Later, when we grew up, we took out our graduation photos, looked at the students’ appearances, recalled the bits and pieces at that time, and found out that the nicknames that others had called themselves were so sweet and lovely; once disgusted The teacher is actually for us. The students who once hated actually didn’t offend themselves. Once… but when everything is over, will anyone care? The teacher at that time is no longer young, then we may have already remembered I don’t know each other’s appearance.

I remember the day I first went to elementary school. In August, I carried a big bag and walked into the campus wearing beautiful new clothes. I think some of the campus is so strange. I am afraid to bow my head and feel overwhelmed. The teacher has a gentle smile in his eyes and gently picks up my hand. Her hand is warm and moist, only one light. I was forced to leave all my fears behind me, and I still remember the teacher’s smile at the moment. We are progressing, she is happy, we make mistakes, she is sad, everything we seem to be connected with her. Quiet night, the stars fell asleep, the moon slept, but she still didn’t sleep, I would like to be a light, to illuminate this dark night for her.

No one will take me to the teacher’s office again. No one will listen to my favorite music with me anymore. No one will sneak away my chair when I stand up, never again. Someone secretly told me who did not write homework, and no one would ask me what the answer to the multiple-choice question was. No one would sneak a shot when I was not paying attention. No one would give me a nickname in the back. Up…

I left the most nostalgic alma mater. Although I was reluctant and reluctant, I must leave because no one can refuse to grow up. The door to the new campus is already open, and new life is beckoning to me; looking forward to the future, maybe there will be more challenges tomorrow, but I believe that I will actively respond, because my alma mater has taught me how to go forward and how to face it. I really want to yell: “Don’t, alma mater!” Let all the reluctance and nostalgia be integrated into these four words…