Whenever I twist on my skateboard and the skateboard obeys my instructions and speeds through the streets, I watch my friends throw envious eyes at me. The past of learning skateboarding emerges in front of me like a movie.
My skateboard is a birthday gift bought by my mother on my birthday. When I received it, I was very surprised. Looking at the skateboard, how delicate it is: the top is pointed, the bottom is round, but also highlighted a thorn, like a rocket, while the front of the skateboard, yellow and blue background, each has a lovely one. Katie, there’s a kitten beside it. There are signs of lightning on both sides. The wheels of the skateboard, if you turn them gently, will flash colorful lights. It’s a beautiful skateboard. Once you get it, I can’t wait to stand up and try to slide. Who knows I haven’t stood firm yet, I’ll jump forward. With a thump, I fell a dog and gnawed on the mud. I grinned with pain. It seemed that it was not so easy to learn skateboarding well. I thought to myself, but the more difficult it was, the more I would conquer it. I made up my mind to learn skateboarding well.
Since the last failure, I know that learning skateboarding can not stand up directly, but slowly slide against the wall. As for me, I kept falling down and climbing up. I remember the worst time I ever fell. I supported the wall and stepped on the skateboard. Somehow, I slipped right from the skateboard and fell heavily, which made me unable to stand for half a day. Do you think I will give up? No! Although I have thought about giving up skateboarding, this idea only stayed in my mind for a short time. Now that I got this skateboard, I must learn. Otherwise, didn’t I live up to my mother’s wishes? So I practice skateboarding every day. Finally. After many days of practice, I can ski a long way without supporting the wall. I am very happy, so many days of practice has finally been effective, how can I not be happy? I said to myself: Come on, victory has beckoned to you, you have to work harder! I am happy at the same time, do not forget to remind myself. Because although I can walk straight on the skateboard, I can’t learn how to turn. When I turn, my body will fall back involuntarily, so I have to practice turning harder. After a few days, I finally learned how to use skateboards not only to walk straight, but also to turn. I can even use skateboards as my walking tool.
While skateboarding, I am also thinking: if I did not continue learning when I failed, but gave up learning skateboarding in frustration, maybe now I can only walk slowly with the wall! Learning anything will give us inspiration, learning skateboarding is no exception, I learned through learning skateboarding to do everything must persist. Go, don’t give up halfway, or you will achieve nothing. The same is true in learning. When you encounter a difficult problem, don’t think of giving up. Instead, break through from all angles, find the information given by the topic, formulate the formula, and finally find the answer. At the moment of calculating the answer, you will find that you paid before. All efforts are worth it!