Model around us

People are all born with inertia. It is precisely the inherent inertia that restricts the steps of most people. So only a few people defeat their inertia with strong perseverance, and get the fruits of the season on the road of life.
I am very glad that there are a lot of perseverance, down-to-earth and hard-working colleagues in the collective of my work. It is precisely because of them that our collective is full of positive energy. In this silent but never-ending positive energy shining like gold, I dare not slacken for a moment. Often tired, dizzy and exhausted, but such a day makes me feel full and happy.
I think the reason why I can persist is that these examples around me are always pushing me and touching me.
I am often touched by the leadership of our collective. They set an example everywhere, are pragmatic and diligent, treat their subordinates warmly and peacefully, and win our respect and trust with a respect, understanding and tolerance.
I am often touched by our collective team of old teachers. Although retirement is imminent, but the work is still vigorous, independent. Teacher Zhang Gui’e’s smile made the winter morning warm; Teachers Dong Xiuying and Pan Ying’s persistence and earnestness for decades made people awe-inspiring; Teachers Jia Jia’e and Gao Yumei built a monument of their teachers’soul with their endless patience and love; Teachers Su Meirong and Xu Guimei poured out like silkworms in spring all their lives. My love for education. Looking at their diligent figures, looking at their old backs, I saw a kind of silent greatness.
I am often touched by those platoon leaders of our collective, who have brought back the glittering and sweaty trophies one by one. This is their credit. It is their credit that they have brought back their proud achievements one after another. Gao Wenying, Bian Rongmei, Yang Lan, Dong Mei, Yang Hongmei, Shang Chunhong, Han Mei, Gao Ruiqin, Gao Jiaoqin, Zhang Rong, He Jinhua, Li Jiefang, Zhuangyan and Wang Qiaoling. They are the gold of our collective, because of them, our collective shines brightly.
I am often touched by every unknown colleague in our collective. They have no halo on their heads and no applause in their lives. What makes them consistently willing to contribute? What makes them never stop rushing? I think it’s responsibility, responsibility and conscience. There are many special students in Chang Zhi’s class, but she seldom complains. She teaches children knowledge steadfastly and cares for every child’s growth peacefully. Teacher Chai Xudong’s eyes are not good, so many compositions, diaries, homework to be corrected, she often has no intention, but she always feels that the school language teachers are in short supply, and has been gritting her teeth. Teacher Liu Fenglian has an indescribable tenacity in her work. Her work is always so orderly and effective. Teacher Zhang Wenying’s patience, carefulness and ingenuity in his work often make me feel inferior to myself. As a math teacher, Ms. Su Lixia can teach children knowledge and at the same time, as a head teacher, strictly require children’s behavior and habits. I’m really happy to work with her. Teacher Li Xianfeng is both a head teacher and a math teacher. I can’t help envying her vigorous and popular work.
Looking at Linhe five small posts, there are inspiring examples. A single flower is not spring, a hundred flowers blossom in spring, I would like to blossom in such a large garden, I would like to leave a touch of fragrance in such a large garden.