A good teacher in my mind

“The stars are shining in the quiet night, and the teacher’s window is bright all night.”
The stars are the long lights in the dark; the teachers are the engineers of the human soul. It’s him, it’s her, it’s him… These good teachers illuminated my growth path and guided my way forward. If you want to ask me who is the good teacher in my mind, I will tell you:
A good teacher in my mind! Like us, vigor, broad mind, solid work like foot on the ground, profound knowledge like steep mountains, innovative teaching methods, and intimate contact with classmates. Is she not our mother’s Chinese teacher, Mr. Dong?
A good teacher in my mind! He is as energetic as we are. The combination of humor and unrestrained will make us more friendly and close to him. His bold demeanor will make him gradually stand up in our hearts. He made serious math lessons a favorite among his classmates, made tense exams easy and easy, and gave full play to his true level. Is he not the same math teacher as our big brother, Mr. Zhang?
My idea of a good teacher! She has the same broad mind as the sky, so that the fear of students back to nature, her actions and hearts, will make the students who made mistakes blush, this is not our English teacher – Miss Zhao!
A good teacher in my mind will enlighten people with infinite wisdom. They strive to seek the law of teaching, while not forgetting to dig deep into the art of teaching. Let’s grasp the boring knowledge happily in a humorous atmosphere.
In my mind, a good teacher will not miss any chance to encourage us, because in our eyes, encouragement is the catalyst to regain self-confidence and success. Good teachers don’t care too much about our strengths and achievements. Encourage us as long as we make progress. Our courage and wisdom need you to set up a stage for exhibition.
In my mind, a good teacher will understand the child’s heart, some naive, some sensible, some strong, some fragile. They will never easily hurt or trample. When students encounter difficulties, they can talk to us heart-to-heart, with good-will action to support. A family visit to care about children, an encouragement in frustration, a greeting in sickness, a congratulations after success, and a cheering cry in long-distance running. These little touches will also be deeply branded in our hearts.
My idea of a good teacher, chalk dyed your black hair, homework boiled your eyes red, but your love and love for us is deep like the sea, high as the blue sky.
A good teacher in my mind, you are a bumpy boat, full of knowledge, sailing into the harbor of children’s hearts in the strong wind and waves.
My idea of a good teacher, ah, you are a red candle, usually forgotten, but whenever the power is cut off, you stand up, illuminate others, burning yourself.
The sea is blue and seabirds fly. The good teachers in our minds take us to walk on the sea of knowledge, the real connection between heart and heart, the fusion of laughter and laughter. Feeling on the body, expressing on paper. Every teacher writes the truth in the ordinary and the greatness in the true. Originally, every teacher who devotes love to students is a good teacher in our mind. They have noble personality and sentiment. Therefore, my idea of a good teacher is not a person, but a collective, this collective is the coordinates of the students’life path, regardless of which point we are, which straight line, will always be on the coordinates.
“The stars are shining in the quiet night, and the teacher’s window is bright all night.” The familiar song reminds me of it again in my ear…