Tang Yan is pregnant.

A few days ago, the media took a group of photos of Tang Yan and Luo Jin helping Tang Dad move one night during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday.
Tang Yan was wearing a long and medium-length black dress and a black fisherman’s cap. Luo Jin was also wearing a low-key dress and went abroad in a black costume. Both of them probably wore black masks to avoid being recognized.
The two men helped Tang Yan’s father pack up his things by the roadside. Luo Jin also moved all the suitcases to the trunk of the car. During this period, Luo Jin and Tang Dad took special care of Tang Yan. Tang Yan’s appearance that night looks like a belly bulge, very much like pregnant women, coupled with the actions of her father and husband, people can not help but wonder if Tang Yan has been pregnant?
Tang Yan was invited to participate in the live broadcasting event on the 17th. That evening, she and Li Jiaqi jointly broadcasted live. This was Tang Yan’s first public appearance in recent months. In the live video of that day, Tang Yan wore a white skirt with slim shoulders and long curly hair shawl.
Tang Yan and Li Jiaqi sat together at the table and greeted the audience enthusiastically. As the live camera was facing the two people, we could clearly see the lens above the waist. Tang Yan’s small abdomen was prominent in the picture. Although she was wearing a black belt around her waist, it obviously did not play a role in self-cultivation, but instead, she had the abdomen. The bulge is more obvious.
And Tang Yan’s face and shoulders are much rounder than before, some people speculate that the reason for the live camera may be that it looks fatter, but in the same morning exposure of the crew working photos, confirmed that Tang Yan’s figure is indeed plentiful.
From the side photos, although the belt is tied, it can still be seen that the abdomen is obviously bulging, and the contrast with Tang Yan’s ancient style is still very obvious.
At the opening ceremony of the new drama, some netizens pointed out that Tang Yan looked very round. Although she was wearing a loose black T-shirt, she could still see a slight bulge in her abdomen. At present, Tang Yan and Luo Jin have not responded to the pregnancy. If they are really pregnant, I believe it is not far from Guanxuan.