Double high plan list


The Ministry of education and the Ministry of Finance announced the list of planned construction units of high-level vocational schools with Chinese characteristics and major construction plan (referred to as “double high plan”) on Friday, with 197 vocational schools selected.
According to the list, 10 higher vocational schools, including Beijing Electronic Technology Vocational College and Jinhua Vocational and technical college, have been selected as high-level school construction units (file a), 20 higher vocational schools, including Beijing Industrial Vocational and technical college and Liaoning Transportation College, have been selected as high-level school construction units (file B), more than 20 vocational schools, including Beijing Finance and Trade Vocational College and Tianjin Light Industry Vocational and technical college. More than 20 vocational schools including Beijing Agricultural Vocational College and Beijing Information Vocational Technology College were selected as high-level professional group construction units (a), nearly 60 vocational schools including Beijing labor and social security Vocational College and Shandong Transportation Vocational College were selected as high-level professional group construction units (b), and Beijing Transportation Vocational College was selected as high-level professional group construction units (b). More than 50 vocational schools, such as Qinhuangdao vocational and technical college, have been selected as the construction unit of high-level professional group (file c).
According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of education, in terms of the layout of provinces, 197 proposed units publicized cover 29 provinces. From the perspective of specialty layout, the 389 specialty groups applied for cover 18 major categories of higher vocational education, and the five major categories with the most distribution are equipment manufacturing, transportation, electronic information, finance and commerce, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery. From the perspective of industrial layout, there are 113 professional groups for strategic emerging industries, 112 for modern services, 100 for advanced manufacturing, 32 for modern agriculture and 32 for others.
The person in charge also said that the selection work has made clear the basic conditions of three levels, namely, the provincial level, the school level and the major level, especially the nine landmark achievements at the school level, which are the major reform tasks promoted by the Ministry of education in recent years and facing the higher vocational front. They are all facing all higher vocational schools and have been selected through competition, highlighting fair opportunities and fair processes.
According to reports, “double high plan” fully implemented project performance management. The results of performance evaluation will be an important basis for adjusting the amount of project funds. We will increase support for projects with strong financing and remarkable construction results. For the projects with poor fund raising, slow implementation progress and limited construction effectiveness, we will give a warning and reduce the amount of fund support. For projects with major problems and no improvement after rectification, the project construction shall be suspended. The project units that suspend construction shall not apply for the “double high plan” project again.
What’s more, the “double high plan” has a support cycle every five years. It implements total amount control, dynamic management, annual evaluation and expiration assessment, and has a management mechanism of “in and out” and “survival of the fittest”. At the end of each support cycle of the “double high plan”, the project establishment and construction unit shall submit the acceptance report as required and submit it to the two departments for review after passing the provincial acceptance. The results of the review will be published as an important basis for the selection of projects in the next cycle.