CCTV host competition

“CCTV 2019 host competition” is being broadcasted on CCTV comprehensive channel. On October 31, a reporter from Beijing News interviewed Lu Jian, the judge of the competition. In Lu Jian’s opinion, compared with the previous host competition, the present host selection pays more attention to the personality of the contestants. “I hope that the personality of the contestants can be combined with their own ability and professional quality.”
In the top 60 candidates of this competition, the proportion of master’s graduates is more than 40%, including graduates from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Cambridge University, University of Pennsylvania and other famous universities; “post-90s” and “post-95” players are more than 50%, becoming the main new force, and there are not a few cross-border players such as financial elite and senior programmers. The host, Jing Yidan, said that he would like to see players from all directions with different professional backgrounds and life experiences. “When competing, I also tend to pay more attention to different professionals. Because if we have different professional backgrounds and achieve different professional cross, our host team will be rich and multi-level. I think it’s a very benign phenomenon. “
The competition will recruit composite talents with excellent guidance and control ability, news live interaction ability, multimedia application ability and personalized communication ability as the new standard. Lu Jian said that the current media environment has changed a lot compared with that before. Before, the host would pay more attention to knowledge, elite talents, thinking power, knowledge reserve, and integrity. “Now the communication environment is different, everyone can become a communicator, knowledge communication is only one aspect, we would like to see personalized players in a certain aspect It’s outstanding and extreme. ” But the so-called “personality” is not just the appearance of external personality. Lu Jian said, “the personality of players depends on knowledge, emotional ability and talent. It is a personality combined with ability and specialty, which can fully show the characteristics different from other people.”