500 million animals died in the sea of fire

Australia’s wildfires have been raging for more than four months, and every scene here is heartbreaking. A shocking set of figures tells you how serious the fire is.
80% of koala’s natural habitat was destroyed by mountain fire, and more than 20000 koalas died;
More than 500 million birds and other animals were killed;
The area of wildfires is more than 52500 square kilometers;
In Australia, the temperature is more than 40 ℃ for many days, even close to 50 ℃;
The death toll rose to 27
500 million animals died in the sea of fire
Wildlife and the whole ecosystem
Suffered great damage
Someone recorded it on camera
It’s a bloody tragedy
The animals died in the fire
The body is like black charcoal
Even standing
Terrible scene, heart wrenching
According to a number of satellite monitoring products released by the National Satellite Meteorological Center, New South Wales and other places in the southeast of Australia are densely covered with fire spots, and the smoke caused by wildfires has spread to the north of New Zealand 2000 kilometers away. Even from the point of view of satellites far away in space, the mountain fire is also shocking.
The most serious forest fire in southeast Australia has a disastrous impact on the ecological environment
In early January 2020, wildfires in southeastern NSW and eastern Victoria developed rapidly. According to the fire monitoring map of FengYun-3 meteorological satellite on January 4, there are a large number of fire spots within the range of 270 km from the east to the West and 360 km from the north to the south. Some of the fire spots have spread to the beach, with a total area of 7900 square kilometers. Most of these fires occurred in forest areas.