The Palace Museum’s new year’s Eve meal is 6688 yuan

The most interesting news of the weekend is the grand dinner launched by the Forbidden City.
It is reported that during the Spring Festival this year, the corner restaurant of the Forbidden City will launch the new year’s Eve meal. The preliminary plan is from the big year to the 15th day of the first month. Each table is set according to the standard of ten people, with a charge of 6688 yuan for one table and another 680 yuan for each additional one.
It’s worth noting that since the corner restaurant is open on the outside, you don’t need to buy tickets to the Forbidden City for eating.
Why this news attracts public attention lies in the status of the Forbidden City on the one hand and its price on the other.
Needless to say, as the Royal Palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties and the largest museum in China at present, the tourists who visit the palace museum every day are crowded, and their every move is very concerned.
With its name of “Palace Museum Corner Restaurant”, the launch of new year’s Eve dinner, naturally is one of the focuses. Many netizens joked that this may be based on the royal court meals of Ming and Qing emperors.
But what netizens are focusing on is actually the price of new year’s Eve meal in the corner restaurant.
In principle, a dinner for ten people costs 6688 yuan, which seems to be a relatively high price.
Some netizens said that, you know, the national poverty alleviation standard per capita net income is only 4000 yuan. At the beginning of the year, Jiangsu province put forward an annual income standard for the poor, which is 6000 yuan. According to this standard, a meal in the corner restaurant is equal to one year’s income of the poverty-stricken people in Jiangsu Province.
By comparison, we know that a new year’s Eve meal in the corner restaurant of the Forbidden City is not expensive.
But looking at the comments of many netizens, many people say that the price is really not expensive. Some even said that after the price was expensive, it immediately attracted a lot of people.
See what netizens say.
Netizen “eat your smile well”: when other Forbidden City needs to repair and inherit culture, a group of people do not pay or contribute, and they are unwilling to forward a microblog. Now that they have found ways to increase domestic demand and expand the surrounding markets, these people have jumped out and said, “don’t move.” this is our common wealth. I think later, Puyi will buy tickets to the Forbidden City. Who are you?
Netizen “pancake thin” said: a table of rice 6688 is really expensive for ordinary people, but don’t see where it is? The Forbidden City, alas, even if there is a big scramble for the table.
Screenshot of netizen comments
Netizen “kicks giant’s belly” thinks: what to eat is rice, what to eat is atmosphere, culture, service, and the cultural heritage of China for five thousand years. In addition to the Forbidden City, where else can you enjoy the five thousand year culture? Besides the Forbidden City, where there is such a profound cultural heritage, where the emperors of the past dynasties live, where the literati, the poets and the famous generals have gone. The price is worth it.
Such comments are not only many, but also arouse the resonance of many netizens. All in all, the reason why people think that the 6688 yuan dinner is not expensive is mainly due to three reasons: one is in Beijing, the other is in the Forbidden City, and the third is that many things are expensive now, such as an Apple phone, Disneyland charges, etc.
Even for example, some people say, “a big hotel in a small county town usually requires 5 / 6000 of a table”, “a table of annual dinner in a third tier city can’t go down by 2000, what’s wrong with the Palace Museum more than 6000?” One called “cool straw mushroom” also said that it’s not expensive but not expensive. My friend just ordered a table of ordinary rice 5888 in Changsha Hotel. It’s the Forbidden City. It’s not the best bar! This is not your fly restaurant downstairs. There is a cultural background besides catering.
According to your reflection, most of the people who think that the charge for the new year’s dinner in the Forbidden City is not expensive.
However, up to now, the dinner for the new year to the 15th of the first month has been fully booked. It can be seen how popular the price is.
Xiaobian also believes that if the price was put more than ten years ago, it would be considered as a high price. But from the comments of many netizens, does it mean that everyone’s income level is indeed improving and their vision is also improving. This is a good thing. In fact, the Imperial Palace corner restaurant is only reported, some of which are not known by the public, and the price is more expensive.
Radish and pickled vegetables, each has his own love. Whether it is high-income families or low-income groups, as long as reasonable consumption, within the scope of their ability to bear, it is normal. What’s more, it’s new year’s day. Bite your teeth, grab your relatives and friends, have a big meal and have a tooth beating ceremony.
But Xiaobian also believes that no matter the price is high or low, everyone stands in a different angle, and the conclusion is naturally different, so it is not necessary to force others to be the same as themselves.