How to adjust the entrance examination

Affected by the epidemic, schools around this spring have been postponed. In this context, is there any change in the time of this year’s high school entrance examination and college entrance examination? How can schools and examinees arrange teaching and learning? How to help examinee reduce pressure? In view of the relevant hot spots concerned by the public, “Xinhua perspective” reporters conducted an interview.
What are the changes in the exam arrangements?
Under the influence of the epidemic, will the time of college entrance examination change this year?
Wang Hui, director of the Department of college students of the Ministry of education, said at the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council on February 12 that he would pay close attention to the development and change of the epidemic situation, assess the possible impact of the epidemic situation on the organization of the examination together with relevant departments and regions in a timely manner, carefully study and formulate the specific implementation plan of this year’s senior examination, and timely announce it to the society.
According to the reporter, at present, some places have adjusted some arrangements related to the middle school entrance examination and the college entrance examination.
First, according to the local epidemic situation, we announced to postpone the application time and some examination arrangements. The education departments in Beijing, Hainan, Jiaxing, Jiangsu, Suzhou and Changzhou announced that the application time for the mid-term examination in 2020 will be postponed. Beijing announced the postponement of the second computer-based English listening test for the 2020 national college entrance examination and the second computer-based English listening and speaking test for the senior high school entrance examination. In Hubei Province, where the epidemic is most serious, the provincial education and Examination Institute announced to postpone a number of self-study and adult examination projects, but it has not yet involved the secondary examination and the college entrance examination.
Second, the national unification delayed the “special type enrollment” examination of colleges and universities, including “strong base plan” enrollment, escort students, art students, sports students, high-level athletes enrollment, etc.
Third, some places have changed the mode test. Recently, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission announced that the new college entrance examination simulation test, which was originally scheduled to be held on February 25, will be postponed to March 3 and will take the form of home-based unified test. This test is the same as the schedule of the new college entrance examination for four consecutive days. At home, parents will be invigilators and examinees will hand in their papers in the cloud. Teachers will also strive to complete the “cloud marking”. The follow-up model test will also be adjusted according to the specific time of school opening.
A headmaster of a middle school in Beijing said that the purpose of the model test is to evaluate the review effect of the previous section, so as to make clear the direction and rhythm of the review in the next section; for students, the form of home-based unified test is a more strict test of education and a unique life experience.
How about the effect of online class?
Since the announcement of “no suspension of classes” in late January, schools all over the country have integrated online learning resources, enriched learning content and provided suitable home-based learning methods for examinees under the unified deployment of education authorities and in combination with their own reality.
Get up at 7 o’clock every day, have class at 9 o’clock in the morning and go to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening. Six classes a day, cultural classes, physical exercises, Q & a time, online class time should be controlled within three hours as far as possible. This is the study schedule of junior three students in Nanjing No.39 middle school. “The progress of online teaching is relatively slow, and it’s hard to be as nervous and orderly at home as at school. In response to these problems, in recent weeks, we have been practicing and improving. ” In order to guide the students to review at home, the recording and broadcasting course requires the students to take class notes, take photos and upload them. It focuses on the students who are slack and anxious, and updates the review plan according to the individual situation.
Liu Siwen, a mathematics teacher at the third grade of Hunnan No.1 Middle School in Shenyang, said that the most urgent thing at present is the high-quality exercises adapted to the network teaching. He hoped that the teaching and Research Institute and the entrance examination office could organize experts to produce some special exercises, which could not rely on the teachers to fight each other.
Candidates in Hubei Province face more difficulties. According to statistics, there are 18000 parents of students in Wuhan alone participating in epidemic prevention and control work in medical institutions. In order to ensure the quality and efficiency of review, the local education department not only relies on the air classroom to ensure the inclusive of high-quality education resources, but also specially organizes famous teachers of various subjects to customize review and sprint guide for senior three and junior three students.
A senior three student of Chengguan high school in Xinzhou District of Wuhan focuses on the review plan of some famous teachers in Wuhan on the Internet. “With the review plan of famous teachers, online consultation with questions is very helpful to me.”
According to the analysis of several graduating class head teachers, online classes at home have little impact on students with good learning habits, but students who do not consciously learn may suffer from a decline in their scores. From the perspective of the types of candidates, art majors and sports majors are greatly affected. Art students need to strengthen art training before the exam, and physical students also need to do a lot of physical exercises; both types of candidates need field training, and the guidance of professionals is more needed before the exam.
How to reduce pressure for examinees?
In the past, the “countdown to the college entrance examination” hung above the blackboard in the classroom has now moved into the class groups on the Internet platforms such as nails and wechat. A number of interviewees said that without teachers around, stress and anxiety would be greater.
“This year’s senior three is quite special. We should try our best to solve their problems.” Many teachers said that in addition to the impact of the epidemic, they are in the transition stage of the reform of the college entrance examination. For example, Beijing will implement the new college entrance examination this year, which will change from the original liberal arts division to the “3 + 3” examination mode, and the examination time will change from 2 days to 4 days. To adapt to the new mode, it needs to practice hands-on test many times. For the examinees in Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangsu, Liaoning and other eight provinces, this year is the last one in the liberal arts and science division of the college entrance examination. If this year’s examination is not ideal and requires re reading, it will face many difficulties.
In order to solve the anxiety of examinees, education departments and schools all over the country are working hard. Recently, the Ministry of education of central China Normal University