On Sun Yang’s suspension in procuratorial daily

Netease Entertainment reported on March 7 that the Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s “procuratorial daily” commented on the recent case of Sun Yang who was suspended for eight years due to anti drug testing, in which it said “Sun Yang’s decision not to cooperate with drug sampling is wrong. There may be two reasons, the first is ignorance; the second is ignorance. “However, it is too hasty to” prove that some testing personnel lack of qualification and directly deduce that the testing procedure is invalid, and then deduce the conclusion that Sun Yang has the right to quit or refuse to continue testing without providing test samples “.
However, it also pointed out that “not all the systems and practices that people do not challenge are necessarily correct systems and practices. It is also possible that the opponents are too strong to challenge anyone.” Sun Yang had the opportunity to portray him as a Bosman in European football who “challenges the hero of the wrong system” and “makes the picture in the mind of the arbitral tribunal The face is Sun Yang facing Wada, not all the other athletes depicted by Wada.