Half banner in Wuhan

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and mourning for the dead were the deepest concern of the people of all ethnic groups in the fight against the new crown pneumonia. The State Council decided to hold a national mourning in April 4, 2020. During this period, the whole country and the embassies and consulates stationed abroad set flags at half mast to mourn and stop public entertainment activities nationwide. Since 10 o’clock on April 4, the people of the whole country have observed a three minute silence, with cars, trains, ships and air defense alarms sounding.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia building in Wuhan was built at the half day flag of the Jianghan building. The traffic lights of main roads and trunk roads in Wuhan were adjusted to red lights from 10 to 10, and 03 minutes, and all vehicles stopped for 3 minutes and whistled.