Greenland responds to the report of executives

Recently, Chen Jun, a senior executive of Greenland holding group, was reported to have an improper relationship with his wife by the real name of a microblog user who claimed to be Shi Ruisheng.
On May 16, the official wechat of Greenland Group published the statement signed by the discipline inspection and Supervision Office of Greenland holding group (below), “the statement said,” recently our group received a letter signed by Shi Ruisheng, reflecting the relevant situation of Chen Jun. After preliminary verification, Chen Jun mentioned in the letter is not Chen Jun, a senior executive of Greenland Group, but the head of marketing department of Beijing Tianjin Hebei business department under Greenland Group. According to the internal regulations, the relevant information reflected in the letter is under investigation and verification by the discipline inspection and supervision department of Beijing Tianjin Hebei business division of our group. It is hereby declared. “
The reporter has called Greenland holding group headquarters and Greenland Holding Group Beijing Tianjin Hebei real estate business department for many times, but the call has been in the state of no answer.
The reporter’s wife is said to like simple dressing and life
Shi Ruisheng, who claims to be “green”, reported that he had been studying in Australia since 2009, using his micro blog account “vs is endless”. In 2016, he and Zhang met in Beijing. In the same year, they established a relationship of male and female friends, and began to communicate with each other with the permission of their parents.
According to Shi Ruisheng, with the permission of Zhang’s parents, in July 2017, when Zhang graduated from Beijing Union University, she went to Australia to live with Shi Ruisheng. At the same time, she studied at Macquarie University as a graduate student. On October 25, 2018, he and Zhang got a marriage certificate in Australia.
According to the report, in November 2019, after Zhang completed her last course, she came up with the idea of returning to China to find a job. On December 3, 2019, she participated in the interview of Greenland holding group and entered Greenland internship on December 23. On February 3, 2020, Greenland holding group returned to work, and his wife Zhang Yuting went to Greenland holding group to work. During this period, Shi Ruisheng and Zhang Yuting got their marriage license in China.
However, Zhang has not yet obtained the graduate diploma and diploma certification, “should not be able to handle the entry formalities”, but soon became a regular employee of Greenland holding group.
In May, Shi found out that his wife Zhang has been pregnant for two months. In public videos and recordings, Zhang admitted that the baby was the boss of Chen Jun, a member of Greenland Group.
It is said that Zhang served as the Secretary of Chen Jun, a manager of Greenland holding group. Chen Jun reimbursed Zhang with two luxury goods worth about 10000 yuan each month by using 200000 yuan of Greenland holding group’s activity funds.
In the report, Shi Ruisheng also mentioned that his wife, Zhang Yuting, had to pay for his re-study and the tuition for his homework because he was unable to graduate due to several examinations. He also mentioned his wife’s “vanity and extravagance” life, stressing that “economically, she is totally dependent on my work.”. According to the video, Zhang didn’t take it seriously, and frankly talked about her pregnancy with others.
According to Shi Ruisheng’s microblog, the Red Star News reporter privately sent a request for further verification and interview, but as of the press release, he never replied.
According to a search conducted by Red Star News reporters, Zhang was a student at Beijing Union University. During her stay in the University, she was also a graphic model. She was beautiful and was claimed as “school flower” by many campus media. Its hobby is sports: swimming, fitness, like simple dress and life.