Happiness is now

“It’s 11 o’clock.” I dropped my pen, took off my glasses, threw down my test paper, rubbed my eyes and tumbled into the bedroom and fell on the bed. Every day life seems like a dull copy of yesterday, fading the color in my eyes day by day. I desperately want to find something happy to make my heart full and lively, but always come back empty-handed.
I used to think that happiness means having a luxurious villa and living a peach blossom life. Sleeping in a small garden, every morning I open my eyes to see the fresh sunshine coming down through the dense green leaves, and every day I close my eyes to listen to the sound of the rippling brook and fall asleep. But the reality is that every day in the noisy city, I bear all kinds of pressure, think of here I restlessly close my eyes, into sleep.——
“Boom,” several planes roared over my head. I looked up and wondered what had happened. I just noticed that the small black dots were rushing towards the ground rapidly, getting bigger and bigger. “It’s a missile!” The tearing noise from somewhere made people panic. “Go to the air raid shelter!” The crowd rushed to the shelter with the loud and loud voice. I was trying to pull out my legs and run away, but I was overwhelmed by the crowd. I panicked, I did not have a family and friends around me to give me a hand! I tried to stand up, but the people who fell again hit the ground. I crawled to the shelter in spite of pain, but I was still getting farther and farther away from the crowd. I feel my heart beating fast, the blood of the wound flowing fast, and many trampled people are unable to wither down on the road to life. I looked up at the huge missile as if it was about to hit the ground, concentrating all my life on rolling up and down to safety. A huge explosion rang through the sky. I immediately hugged my head and lay down. I felt the earth tremble, and I was startled and dizzy by the deafening explosion.
When I woke up, the mushroom clouds covered the whole earth, and I could not see my fingers. It was only vaguely perceived that there were lights and shadows around them, and that fires of different sizes were burning powerlessly. I lie in the crowd and dare not move, nor can I move. Raise your head slightly and scan everything with afterlight. Where am I? How are my family? My heart is filled with unprecedented tension and sadness, and my heart is stuck with countless lead blocks and falls heavily. What happens next? What should I do?
My heart was filled with loneliness, just then, as if a cool wind blew everything away.——
I woke up with a start. It was the direction of the air conditioning that was spitting air-conditioning at me. I looked through the window at the long white clouds floating in the blue sky, and the sun could not hide them from the balcony.
A sense of pride fills the whole heart in an instant – to be able to eat and clothe without worries, to be accompanied by someone living in the present is a kind of happiness.
What is happiness? Maybe it’s listening to grandparents stubbornly fiddling with their old radio and listening to Huangmei Opera, which I think is old-fashioned; maybe it’s the most familiar dishes that I can smell every day when I go home; maybe it’s the nagging of headaches that I can hear every day; maybe it’s eating and drinking enough every day, and also meeting my friends. Talking and laughing, walking hand in hand on the runway of the campus.
Friends, are you still struggling to find the true meaning of happiness?
In fact, happiness is now. Every tiny fragment of living in the present moment is the composition of happiness.