I was on duty that day.

“We will, We will, rock you!” Oh, my God! The roof of the teaching building is about to be opened by the group of iron basketball fans in our class! Listen to the beating of tables and chairs, and the enthusiastic talk of the fans (about the Lakers’victory yesterday), playing a wonderful “Campus Rhapsody”. This song echoes inside and outside the whole teaching building… Suddenly, Guo Chenxin, the representative of the Chinese class, came in in in a hurry, shouted loudly, and tried to suppress the rhapsody: “Stop and stop! The teacher said that there would be a big exam! If the exam failed, there would be a heavy penalty!” “Alas, it’s too annoying, it’s been three times this week!” Classmate A muttered frustratedly, and complied. The hand glued the tasteless chewing gum to the blackboard. Classmate B also scratched a box of alteration liquor on the table like breath, and the beautiful desk became scarred! With the efforts of the class representative, the classroom finally quieted down, and the students temporarily picked up their feet – reading a book! _.
After school, nervous for a day, the students lazily walked out of the school gate, but I can not walk, because it is our turn to be on duty today. So, after school, we have to stay and clean the classroom!
Who knows, today should be five people sweeping the floor together, but after school, only Li Yin and I left behind. “Oh, come on, they must be afraid of failing tomorrow’s exam, so they slipped home early to review!” I said to Li Yin’s stall: “No way, let’s start!”
“Well, let’s divide our work. You clean the blackboard and the tables before and after, and I clean the four groups and clean the tables!” Li Yin said confidently to me as she looked at the dirty classroom and the scattered tables and chairs. “OK! That’s it!” Li Yin and I hit it off and rolled up our sleeves for a big job!
I talked to Li Yin and started to accomplish my “mission”!
My “mission” is not special, it is almost every elementary school people have experienced things – cleaning the blackboard. Nevertheless, this small task has made me worry a lot…
At first, I thought that the blackboard was not difficult to erase, as long as the chalk words were erased three times, five times and two times with the blackboard. Isn’t that a piece of cake? However, this “mission” was much more difficult than I thought: I almost didn’t even think about it and erased all the chalk words with the blackboard eraser. Who knows, the effect is not good, the blackboard imagines. It was pasted with a mask, which turned out to be a little black face but turned into a little white face! Hum! I looked at the blackboard with annoyance. Forget it, I still use “magic weapon” to harness you! After a while, the blackboard became clean! I breathed a sigh of relief. Although the blackboard became a “wet face”, it looked clean. I thought I had made a great success and began sweeping the floor. But… After a while, I found that the water on the blackboard had dried up and turned into a “little face”. Alas, what could I do? I began to “study” the blackboard eraser. When I saw that the eraser was covered with dust, I suddenly realized that it was the blackboard eraser that was too dirty. I patted the eraser vigorously, and suddenly, on the platform. Dust is flying! When I clean the blackboard again with the blackboard eraser, “Little Face” immediately returned to its original appearance – “Little Black Face”. “There are ways to steal.” It seems that blackboard cleaning is also learned.
Then, I started to eliminate the dead ends of chewing gum, smear liquid and so on. At first, I picked it slowly with a triangle board. When I saw Li Yin working very hard, I desperately picked it up with my nails…
In this way, we both scramble for work, the classroom will soon become a new look!
Dragging my tired body out of the classroom, I felt blood boiling. Sunshine penetrates my body hot, my blood and bones are burning warmly, at this moment, I really want to shout: “Work is the most glorious!”
That day, I was on duty…