National Day 10 years later

This year, the sixty-fourth anniversary of the founding of the motherland, in another ten years, the motherland will usher in the 74th birthday. I can’t help but begin to imagine what the National Day will be like then.
National Day parade. At the beginning of the parade celebration, the bright March of the volunteers sounded throughout the square, and the bright five-star red flag burned like a flame in the sky. The chairman stood in the hall and said hello to the army. Chairman’s greetings, such as warm spring breeze, warm military heart.
The military parade celebrations on the seventy-fourth anniversary have aroused our hearts and minds. Ah! What a splendid nation you have nurtured, along the Yellow River and the Yangtze River! Five thousand years of glorious history and the Chinese civilization, which is well-known all over the world, are impressive enough. Oh, motherland, you have treasures all over the mountains, you have beautiful landscapes, you have a magnificent palace, you have the winding Great Wall stretching across the ages, there are eight wastes. You have a lot more… On your vast land, generation after generation, the descendants of Yan and Huang have created brilliant oriental literature with their own hands.
First of all, a division of the Navy, which formed a triangular array, dressed in naval uniforms, came slowly at a vigorous pace. The blue and white “sea soul suit” is particularly noticeable. Then there was a division of the Army. They wore helmet and yellow-green army uniforms and marched on Tiananmen Square, showing people the appearance of the “mighty division”. Behind them were artillery divisions and cavalry divisions. All of the above teams passed the rostrum with dignity and dignity at the same pace and at the same distance. Then came the army cadet team composed of the mechanical armed infantry academy, wearing the 07 desert camouflage, holding the 05-type micro-sound submachine gun, for the first time in the National Day parade in the capital. Navy cadet squadron, pilot squadron, airborne squadron, strategic missile troop hiking squadron, 378 women’s squadron, reserve squadron, robot squadron, and other walking squadron appeared in turn.
Subsequently, various types of tanks and armored vehicles, and aircraft squadrons, navy, missiles and other military parades, the people are more excited. This is our motherland’s own pride, in a word, “I am proud!”
Next came the flower carts and squadrons made up of the masses of the people. There are “Shenzhou Feitian” phalanx, “Beijing Olympic Games” lottery car, “all aspirations into the city” phalanx, “one world” phalanx, “united and striving” phalanx, as well as on behalf of all ethnic groups and regions of the lottery car, one by one through. The last parade, which lasted more than two hours, ended in excitement and festivity, but that excitement accompanied us all the time. This is a new page of our great motherland. As the host said, 60 years ago, we witnessed the birth of the new China. Today, we witness the birth of the new China. This is a great moment in history, and it is the voice of 1.3 billion people. This is the strength of the motherland!
Students, although this is imagination, but I believe that our country will stand in the future among the strongest of the forest of celebrities. Students, only if we study hard and strive for strength, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will be realized in our hands. Motherland, mother! Please believe that we will not fail the heavy trust of history, the new “Chinese Symphony” will play a more brilliant movement in our hands!