Wang Yibo sues the defamator

Wang Yibo, a well-known actor and host in China, attracted a lot of netizens’ attention in 2019 because of the petition. However, there are many popular people, and Wang Yibo has also been abused and rumored by many netizens after becoming popular. Recently, Wang Yibo finally sued these rumor makers. Let’s see what’s going on.
On November 7, Beijing Xingquan law firm issued a brief report on Wang Yibo’s reputation right case, saying that six Internet users involved in insulting and slandering Wang Yibo had been sued to Beijing Internet Court on October 30, requesting the court to order all defendants to publicly apologize to Wang Yibo and compensate for relevant economic losses and mental damages. Many netizens expressed their support for Wang’s decision, hoping that the rumor maker would be severely punished.
On October 30, 2019, our law firm entrusted Sina Weibo users with ① “Liyuan Jiangzhao” (uid: 5575822988), ② “want to kick the group leader out of group chat” (uid: 1711424053), ③ “handsome old mother” (uid: 5757999209), ④ “Xixi loves eating rabbit” (uid: 64700) in response to the insults and slanders on the Internet suspected of infringing Mr. Wang Yibo’s reputation 32761), ⑤ “- Demon zero – (uid: 6196126055), ⑥” just like 1 “(uid: 5505365974) sued to Beijing Internet court, requesting the court to order Beijing micro dream Network Technology Co., Ltd. to disclose the real name authentication information of the above-mentioned six micro blog users, and will be lazy to terminate the infringement or have other serious problems against the above-mentioned six micro blog users after the information disclosure The real name certification subject of the case sued, and asked the court to order the defendants to publicly apologize to Mr. Wang Yibo and compensate Mr. Wang Yibo for relevant economic losses, spiritual damages, etc.
Beijing Xingquan law firm has accepted the special entrustment of Beijing Lehua Yuanyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and will pay close attention to the Internet public opinion. Our law firm will continue to pay attention to, collect evidence and pursue legal responsibilities for the relevant subjects suspected of infringing the legitimate rights and interests of Mr. Wang Yibo, and will never tolerate.
The Internet is not a place outside the law, and it is not advisable to spread rumors. Wang Yibo’s practice is not only to protect his legitimate rights and interests, but also to give a powerful deterrent to those who want to spread rumors. It is normal for an artist to be disputed by the outside world, but this kind of dispute cannot be reflected in the personal insults and slanders to others, or he will be legally punished Severe punishment.
I also remind all netizens here that even if they have a big prejudice against a star, they should not choose the way of rumor. At the same time, I hope netizens can understand the artists in the circle more, so that everyone can understand each other and no unpleasant things will happen.