Opening time announced by 17 provinces

Listen to the story of war “epidemic” and learn the knowledge of epidemic prevention On March 25, senior three students of Ningxia junior high school sat in the classroom to welcome the special “the first class”. On this day, teachers and students of grade three in Shanxi returned to campus after more than two months’ absence.
With the relief of the epidemic situation and the smooth progress of resumption of work and production, school opening has been put on the agenda. Recently, many places have made clear the opening time.
According to the statistics of the reporter, up to the time of publication, 17 provinces in the mainland have made clear the opening time, of which, some students in 6 provinces have stepped into the campus and returned to their desks. Other provinces are also preparing for the start of school, and students will be back soon.
More than ten provinces open “soon”
At 7:10, the students of Baita campus of kunshizhong entered the campus one by one through temperature monitoring. They have been in school for a week. Since March 23, the third grade of senior high school and the third grade of junior high school in Yunnan Province have officially started.
At present, six provinces (mainland) have started school. In addition to the Ningxia, Shanxi and Yunnan mentioned above, on February 27, Guizhou Province decided to officially open school on March 16 for senior three and junior three students (other grades to be determined). Then Xinjiang also announced that senior three, junior three, secondary vocational school graduation grade is scheduled to open on March 16. Tibet has made it clear that schools of all kinds and at all levels will open in late March 2020.
According to statistics, as of the morning of March 27, there are 17 provinces in the mainland that have determined the opening time. In addition to the above six provinces / autonomous regions, 11 other provinces / autonomous regions are about to open school, including Liaoning, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Guangxi and Inner Mongolia.
The reporter learned that many provinces are actively preparing for the opening of the school. For example, on March 19, Jilin Province issued a notice requiring all localities to make preparations for the start of primary and secondary schools before March 31, while many areas in Shandong Province have been carrying out the verification of school opening conditions, for example, Dezhou City clearly will complete the verification before March 31.
There are also areas that have been slow to open school. The relevant departments in Beijing, Shandong, Chongqing and other places have also refuted the rumors about the opening time spread on the Internet. It is reported that at present, Hubei, Tianjin, Beijing and Hebei still maintain the level of first-class emergency response.
Open the credit batch and the university is about to open
On the evening of March 13, Wang Dengfeng, director of the office of the leading group of the Ministry of education in response to the epidemic, said that we should first solve the problem of opening primary and secondary schools nearby, and then consider the opening of Universities on the premise that primary and secondary schools are basically open, or that the epidemic situation is further controlled.
The reporter noted that all places started school in accordance with the suggestions put forward by the Ministry of education, in order to ensure the safety of the back to school process.
At present, most of the provinces that determine the starting time are junior and senior three; only three provinces are clear about the starting time of other grades of primary and secondary schools, namely Jiangsu, Yunnan and Qinghai; in addition, only one province in Jiangsu determines the starting time of kindergarten as April 13.
In terms of colleges and universities, at present, Jiangsu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other places have a clear opening time. Jiangsu requires colleges and universities to start school on April 13 in six batches; in principle, colleges and universities in Qinghai Province will start school from April 1 to April 15 in succession; colleges and universities in Xinjiang will start school in batches from April 8, 2020 spring semester.
In addition, many colleges and universities have also issued a notice requiring teachers and workers to rework and conduct school opening exercises. Wuhan University issued a notice that required foreign teachers and workers to return to Wuhan before March 31.
In terms of the start date, Jiangsu junior high school, Shaanxi senior high school and other primary and secondary schools in Yunnan Province set the start date at March 30, which will be a small “wave peak”. More provinces set the start date of all kinds of schools at all levels on April 7 and April 13. At present, April will usher in the start peak.