Another domestic emergency notice

The novel coronavirus pneumonia control headquarters issued the Announcement No. twentieth on the evening of May 2nd in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang. Details are as follows:
The novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus infection control command department has decided to further strengthen the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, effectively reduce personnel aggregation, resolutely contain the outbreak and spread of the epidemic, and ensure public health and safety.
1、 From 0:00 on May 3, 2020, catering service units operating barbecue, instant noodles, hot pot, stewed iron pot, etc. in the city will be suspended from eating in the hall, and the recovery time will be notified according to the change of epidemic situation.
Novel coronavirus, two, all catering service units should conscientiously implement the guidelines on prevention and control of new coronavirus during the catering industry (temporary), and urge employees, customers and distribution personnel to give good control measures such as scanning, temperature measurement and wearing masks. During the business period, the number of people entering the store shall be strictly controlled to avoid personnel gathering, and the interval distance between customers’ meals shall be expanded to ensure the safety of customers’ meals. Every day to standardize the disinfection of the business site, to maintain air circulation.
3、 In shopping malls, supermarkets, farmer’s markets and other places of life and service, the main responsibility of epidemic prevention should be fulfilled, the management of code scanning, temperature measurement and wearing masks should be strictly implemented for the entry personnel, special personnel should be arranged to maintain order, the distance between the entry personnel should be reasonably controlled, and personnel aggregation should be avoided.
4、 We will continue to suspend the operation of theaters that are temporarily out of business and chess and card rooms, entertainment halls, Internet bars, KTV singing halls, bars, dance halls and public baths that are included in the negative list. The regulatory authorities of various industries should strengthen supervision and management, and investigate and punish those who violate the regulations.
5、 All counties (districts) should conscientiously implement the territorial responsibility, strengthen the measures of external defense input and internal defense rebound, and pay close attention to the prevention and control of regular epidemic. Business and novel coronavirus supervision departments at all levels should strengthen industry supervision and urge enterprises to strictly abide by the relevant regulations of the guide and regulations on prevention and control of new coronavirus during the epidemic period of catering industry and the guidelines for the prevention and control of epidemic situation in service industries, so as to ensure that enterprises carry out business activities on the basis of comprehensively implementing various epidemic prevention measures.