My language teacher

She is a teacher and director who teaches Chinese.

She began to have straight hair, and later she made a roll, a small face, a well-maintained skin, and a sweet dimple in her right face, always dressed very clean and very delicate. She is kind and responsible, and compared to other language teachers, she is very interesting.

When she first took our class, I made a good impression on her. It’s very efficient to be in class, and what poems and words can be remembered and mastered in class, and it saves us a lot of time. Every time she came to class, she came in advance, holding a small bag in her hand, and her face was a kind smile. As soon as she entered the door, I couldn’t help but want to talk to her as if she had taught us for many years. Every time I talked to her, my heart was beautiful, and I began to have some interest in the language. After a period of observation, I found that she finished her class with a smile and never got emotional. In class, when we educate us, we will not take the parents as an introduction, but if we take the countdown to the exam, she will give them a “small stove” and also funnyly say that the small stove is not open, so I have to pay for it. The classmate laughed as if she had no clear distance from us and was kind to be like a mother. At this time, I made up my mind to study Chinese.

Speaking of “opening a small stove”, she once opened it. That month, Yuya had the lowest language score. She asked Aachen to go to her. As for what I said, I don’t know. When I can call back, she will call Yuya’s name extra. I think there are other rules for Aachen! But no charge! But Aachen’s performance is still up to her own, but the teacher does her best to not give up any student.

Doing a small piece of Chinese is an indispensable thing every day. Correcting a small piece is also the work she has to do every day; she is very serious, even if you are wrong, how can you make a circle or write one by one? come out. Sometimes you answer well, she will give you a “good” word or give you a point, every day is like this, as if it will not change in a lifetime. Her seriousness is something that every one of us looks at, sometimes when we forget to make a small article, when we see someone else’s hair, I feel a little regret in my heart.

We must be excited about the whole class when we talk about language self-study. Because you can write a brush and read a magazine book. It is called a enjoyment. This is the winter plum on the cliff. It can only smell the sweet dreams that can not be enjoyed in the hands. Now the dreams come true. The whole class is looking forward to the arrival of Saturday. Prepare a 16-fold white paper and fold it into a small grid. Pour a small bottle of ink and start to write it in a model. Sometimes you can get a stroke that you can’t write. The teacher can also give you a demonstration. Once, I couldn’t write the word “heart” at the same table. The teacher said that we gave us a demonstration. Then we can find a way to find it ourselves. After a long time, the words are a bit like, and the teacher asked us to hand over the brush pens regularly. “There is such a special free practice word, I believe that each classmate can practice a good word before the college entrance examination.” The teacher said with full expectation. I think the whole class thinks this way. As for reading magazines, sometimes the teacher will recommend us a good article, so let us not look at it and accumulate it, so I am prepared to accumulate this book. Every time I read a magazine, I have to write something to enter. There is also a certain time to enjoy the music, which is closely related to our usual profession! The teacher provided us with a good platform and I am very grateful to her.

This is my language teacher, a teacher who never goes out of style.