Xiaoshuang’s WeChat circle of friends

“Today, Zhang Nafa’s circle of friends, did you see it?” Zheng Xiaoru asked Xiaoshuang casually.

Although I felt that this was very sudden, Xiao Shuang still took her. “Look, she is really happy in a day!”

“I see her is a day of swaying, it seems that the whole world wants to know what she did.” Zheng Xiao immediately responded, this can make Xiaoshuang do not know how to answer, in Xiaoshuang’s memory Zhang Na is casual, free and easy, and sends a circle of friends to record her mood. It is her own thing. When it comes to Zheng Xiao’s eyes, it becomes everywhere.

See Xiaoshuang no longer snoring, Zheng Xiao seems to feel that his words are a bit awkward, and he gave himself a round and said: “You may not know, now that technology is developed, some people like to send a circle of friends all day long. This, sorrowful, makes us feel like we are always paying attention to them. Why are these trivial things coming out in the circle of friends, who are the ones they sent?” After listening to this, Xiaoshuang did not What to say, but her heart is still slightly affected, I thought: It turned out to be a common circle of friends, maybe the people who sent it did not think so much, but they were regarded as bad intentions by others.

This short conversation brought a lot of shock to Xiao Shuang’s treatment of friends. Sometimes she felt that she wanted to send a circle of friends to express her good mood, but she felt that she had to make a fuss and had to give up.

After that, during the National Day holiday, Xiaoshuang followed his family to the hometown of the country. All the way to see the wild colors that had not been seen for a long time. Excited, he took many recorded photos: fried in a large pot on the stove. A few dishes, I think this situation should be taken a few; add a few firewood to the big stove, and take a few more shots; after dinner, follow a family to the ground to dig sweet potatoes, I feel this situation also You should take a few more shots. When I got home at night, I already had a lot of photos on my mobile phone. So I thought about the wording to be sent to a circle of friends, but I thought about it and quickly deleted it. Often recovered, Xiaoshuang simply went to brush his own WeChat circle of friends, watching a group of photos taken by others on the National Day, flipping over, her subconscious, actually commenting on other people’s photo technology and dressing taste ! Suddenly, Xiao Shuang was ashamed of having such behavior. Under the contradiction, Xiao Shuang couldn’t help but blame Zheng Xiaolai. If she didn’t say anything to herself that day, she wouldn’t be arguing with others now!

On an accidental day, Xiao Shuang finally told her friends about her problems. A friend said: This is already a common problem for contemporary people! Although it is a minority, it will still happen to us. Maybe a lot of people don’t really care if you are in a good mood, or if you are depressed, they will only look at the photos and texts you sent, and think in your heart: such ugly and false things dare to come out. Either just sigh with the people around you: This person usually has nothing to do, not just having a few dollars at home, and knowing to show off his wealth in one day. Hey, now across the screen, sending a circle of friends, most of them will be maliciously swayed, these things must be seen through, how to be happy how happy! People who really care about you will pay attention to you, let those boring people guard the screen to spit you! Under the guidance of a friend, Xiaoshuang seemed to be a lot more comfortable. After going home at night, he took out his mobile phone and sent a circle of photos that he had wanted to send out a long time ago.

After returning to the work unit, Zheng Xiao asked a word: “How does Xiaoshuang like to go to a circle of friends?”

“I think it is my happiest moment when I am in a circle of friends!” Xiao Shuang smiled and replied.

See Zheng Xiao did not speak again, Xiao Shuang seems to have encountered something happy, sent a circle of friends to say: Single music is not as good as the music, to my WeChat circle of friends.