Half-pushing, I went to bed with my father-in-law.

My husband called Xie Youzhi. During the period of our newlyweds, we could still paint like glue, but slowly I found out that he had problems.
He was born short below and could not erect quickly. Every time it took a long time to harden. There was probably only one finger at most, and the soft one never lasted.
Basically, every time he would let me lie in bed, touch my plump chest, climb onto my body, and help himself find the right place to put his little Ding in.
When he came in, I felt hot and dry all over, but the hot and dry had not disappeared, or was in the momentum, he left a warm thing in it, so that my desire was up and down, it was difficult to eliminate the blush on my face.
I am a conservative woman in everyone’s eyes, but my body is very sensitive. If I was pinched by my husband’s chest or touched my leg, I would react immediately. He can’t satisfy me at all.
Apart from that, our feelings are very harmonious.
The first time he had a relationship with a stranger was the night after a week’s business trip.
Our house is rented. In a dilapidated area, there is no balcony on the second floor. It’s hot in summer. We have to open windows to cool down. Otherwise, it’s like a big steamer.
I didn’t expect that because I didn’t close the window, a strange man climbed in.
At about 2 a.m., I felt very heavy in my dream. It seemed that a pair of hands were touching my chest. There were waves of numbness on the heavy white fruits, as if they were held tightly, loosened and held tightly by a man.
I have not been touched by my husband for a long time. I am eager to be caressed by men. In my sleep, my breathing becomes strong. The primitive desire of my body makes me begin to cater to the brutality of my hands.
His fingers skillfully walked up my flat stomach and kneaded gently between my legs and across the inside of the small body. I immediately raised my waist unconsciously, and there seemed to be a warm current overflowing in my body. At that time, the inside of the small body was slowly faded.
Suddenly, I realized that something was wrong. I grabbed the inside of the fly, but I grabbed a big rough hand.
Suddenly, I was woken up and saw a man riding on me. It was dark in the room. I could not see his face clearly, but I could vaguely see a strong body.
When I woke up, the other party seemed to be startled, but did not make a sound. A big hand blocked my mouth, and the naked man lay down on me.
Strong pectoral muscles pressed on my chest, his chest was flat, he rubbed hard, I feel there is a tight bondage in the full.
As he touched my chest, he covered my mouth and spoke in my ear, “Don’t shout, if you do, everyone here knows it!” I’ll leave when I’m done. I’ll never hurt you! “
Hearing his promise, I nodded quickly.
Many reports have said that a man who does not do business enters the house to steal, sees the hostess sleeping, and then rapes the hostess hand in hand. If he fails, he will extinguish his mouth. I’m afraid, coupled with the poor public security here, I can hardly resist, I just hope he can go quickly.
When he saw me nodding, he immediately released his hand, gripped my lip with hunger and thirst, and ravaged it severely. His tongue poured directly into my mouth, licked my teeth, and skillfully stirred my tongue.
I couldn’t push him, and his hand kept holding the place where I was shy to open my mouth. If he only increased his strength a little, I would feel like losing my strength.
Suddenly he saw through my falseness and mocked me with dirty words, “You are the most sensitive woman I have ever seen. I really want it, please! “
“There’s money in the closet. Don’t do that. I have a husband! “I begged, but I saw him shake his head.
Immediately he gave me a head-on with his own bottom, which stimulated me almost to shout out, I was afraid of being heard by the neighbors to tell my husband, frightened me to restrain.
“Money I want, people want, don’t scream or kill you! “
I was afraid to be found out that a man ran into my house at night and did this to me. I dared not speak up and shook my head desperately, but he was buried under me, burning me in the heat, rubbing against me.
My body immediately collapsed without struggle. In fact, he played a trick on me in his dream for a long time. I was already wet.
He saw me so sensitive that he grabbed me by one hand and put me on his male part.
As soon as I touched it, I was stunned, hard and thick, and even a little hot.
God, it’s so terrible. It’s the first time I’ve touched a man other than my husband. Compared with Xie Youzhi, it’s like heaven and earth. My hand is forced to grasp the end by him, just like holding a fire stick.
He grabbed my hand and stroked it from top to bottom. It was three times bigger than my husband’s. He could not hold both hands. Especially, the top was like a round egg, and some sticky liquid was sticking to my hand.
“Do you want me to come in? “
I held it there, my whole body was like a fire, the last trace of reason was almost gone, and even I had a very shameful idea. My husband never filled my body, but what kind of feeling would it be if he put his things in it?
I didn’t dare to say what I thought, because I knew that the man in front of me was not my husband, but a very strange man. Shame and moral restraint made me hard to speak of.
When he saw that I had not answered, he simply stopped saying anything and pushed his huge things in, adding the original lubrication to make him unobstructed.
This ferocious moment, I could not control the whisper out, like a baby crying, inside and outside with comfort.
My husband has never filled me up, it is an unprecedented feeling, he directly into the ocean that pushed me instantly into lust, the feeling of full is very beautiful.
He didn’t give me a chance to react at all. The wild action made me suffocate with him. Maybe it was too exciting for me and him. He didn’t do any tricks. He just made the most primitive cultivation and cultivation of human beings, like a horsepower pile driver, which filled the room with the taste of hormones.
I gritted my teeth tightly, but still could not resist the pleasure of waves from the tail vertebrae slapping me, gradually the instinct of the body was mobilized, even the last sense of shame was abandoned, with all his movements.
He worked hard for a long time, and that lasting, unprecedented comfort soon pushed me to the top of the wave, blindly wanting to get this crazy pleasure.
I hugged his thick back and scratched his finger on his back. At this time I felt his reaction became fierce.
I realized the dangerous signal. “No, my husband hasn’t come back for a long time. I’m not afraid of pregnancy during the safe period!” “
But he turned a deaf ear to what I said, and then he poured hot magma into it. From marriage to now, I’ve never been as exciting as I am now. At this moment, I don’t know how many times I’ve fallen into a brief coma.
“Ah… “The trembling voice came out of my voice, and when he left my body, I had a feeling that my body was hollowed out.
The man looked at me motionless and quickly put on his clothes and climbed out of the window.
And I lay in bed, sweaty and fragrant. After a while, I touched my lower body with my hand. The weed was sticky and covered with a mixture. It was very messy.
The aftertaste lasted for a long time. The depression accumulated in that area since the marriage was wiped out and the release was clean. But immediately I became nervous again. What if I became pregnant? I can’t explain to my husband…
But this night I slept very well, that is after being satisfied with the physical and mental pleasure, there are always two vague ideas in my mind, one is to do with a strange man behind his husband, and I actually did not resist, the other idea is to feel such crazy love once again…