Last night, I quickly finished my homework, went to bed at nine o’clock, and soon went to sleep. There is a grandfather with a crane and a child, who came to me on a sika deer, and said with awkwardness: “Because you study hard and have great ambitions, I can help you achieve three wishes.”

I did not hesitate to say: “I want to go to the South China Sea to explore the treasure! I want to be an astronaut to meet my sister in the moon palace, I still want to…” Grandpa hand crank Buddha dust, soft voice, only every night Realize a wish, I saw the dust of the Buddha lightly on me, a golden light flashed, I was already in the water. “No, I can’t swim, I won’t drown!” I screamed, but I couldn’t find my hands and feet. I have completely changed into a special fish.

The pale blue waters are clear and bright, and the lobsters, swallows and sea turtles are colorful and refreshing. The plants on the sea floor vary widely. They are various in color, brown, purple, and red… and their shapes are different. You see the sea cucumber in front of the sea slowly moving, a lot of unknown fish shuttle in the grass… How to be so familiar, right, this is not the Nansha sea area. There are two beautiful tropical fish in front that seem to be arguing about something. I slowly swam over and greeted them. They ignored me and continued to argue. One said it was oil, and the other shouted that it was wrong. It was a gold mine. I am busy saying: “Don’t argue, where are you talking about, don’t you understand it in the past?” The two tropical fish, who are not convinced, say in unison: “Okay, then please be a witness. See who is right at the end!” The two of them rushed to the front and walked through a light green sea grass. Their soft bodies clung to the bottom of the sea, swayed back and forth by the waves, and bypassed several coral reefs. This is here! Let’s sink deep and deep under the sea!” Saying, they are like two strings of arrows, shooting at the bottom of the sea, I am busy with it. I don’t know how deep it is. We saw that the color of the sea gradually changed from light blue to black ink, and the visibility was getting lower and lower. The two suddenly stopped and said to me: “We can only swim here, then go down. It’s easy to get lost, we can’t go down.”

I think that I was originally a fish of the gods and grandfathers. Maybe it is stronger than other fish skills, not to mention the task of exploring treasures. Yes, I must go down and see what happens. So I said to them: “Let’s wait, I will go when I go.” I swam without hesitation, the smell of oil became more and more thick, and the dark green liquid was mixed with glittering particles and sparkles. Glittering particles and lumps. I want to take a few more, but I don’t have a hand. I don’t know what to do. I seem to hear the voice of my grandfather: “I don’t want to go back, study science and culture, learn the skills in the future, bring humans to mine. Treasure!”

“Yes, just do it! Just do it!” I shouted happily. “What’s wrong, you dream again!” It was the voice of Dad. I opened my eyes and found myself still lying in bed…